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Ido Portal - Full Studio Interview


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Ido Portal movement is an unorthodox fitness practice that uses an individual’s body weight instead of dumbbells and machines. The technique was developed by Israeli movement trainer, Ido Portal.

Over the years, this technique has evolved into a movement culture followed by individuals who call themselves movers. A mover is classified as a person who desires to understand their body, health, and performance through physical artistic expression.

Ido Portal’s Inspiration

Ido Portal’s methods are highly influenced by Capoeira, which is an Afro Brazilian form of martial arts. It was formed in the early 16th-century by African slaves in Brazil. Ido’s method also includes facets of yoga, gymnastics, dance, and martial arts.

However, his movements include techniques that are not apart of Capoeira. In his practice, things like touching the floor with the buttocks and back are incorporated as well.

Ido Portal says that his movement techniques came from 15 years of Capoeira practice. Although this is how he started, he suggests that others start where they can. He says to begin by doing martial arts, break dancing, or gymnastics and work your way from there.

Ido Portal Movement

In this interview, Ido Portal explains that words don’t properly describe movement culture. He describes the movement as a cloud and says it’s a fog floating around. Portal says to embrace this method you have to change your mindset. It’s not fighting, it’s not dancing, it’s movement.

Ido believes that people must move. If they don’t, being stagnant becomes irreversible as the years go by. Portal concludes his statements about the movement by saying; “It’s hard to come up with a bigger dogma as a relates to the body, and that’s why I chose it”.

The Purpose Behind Movement Culture

According to Ido Portal, the main purpose behind the movement culture is to create an open discussion and exchange information between different types of movers. Info that was once targeted to a specific practice is very beneficial for other types of movers.

However, over the years the information has not been shared. Secondly, the intention is to provide resources and support the growth of both isolated and wide spectrum movers.

Why Is Movement So Important?

Ido believes that our bodies are meant to move. Unfortunately, most people only focus on a “category” of movement. For instance, those who are sports players or bodybuilders spend years perfecting one type of craft. But, it’s not sustainable and the body breaks down over time.

Portal says there are three zones of learning that everyone should incorporate. Zone 1 is exploring, Zone 2 is perfecting, and Zone 3 is maintaining.

Studies have shown that learning a new movement isn’t just a physical benefit. Zone 1 helps to improve brain development, and when a person learns new motor skills, the white matter in the brain increases.

Therefore, incorporating new movements helps the brain and the body. Also, the more time a person spends practising physical activity, the more the brain develops.


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