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Ryan Holiday - Trust Me Im Lying


When you sit down to speak to the man known as the best media manipulator in the business, you start to wonder who is really going to be in control.

Ryan Holiday is a man whose reputation precedes him in a huge way. After doing business with the likes of Tucker Max, Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene and Dov Charney of American Apparel, you know he’s a highly qualified marketer.

On top of that he’s an accomplished author of the books “Trust Me, I’m Lying”, “Growth Hacking”, and his latest “The Obstacle is the Way”. But while Ryan might be the master manipulator of the mass media, in person he’s a genuine and earnest young guy who is wise beyond his years and can handle his success.

In fact when you dig down deep into many of his media stunts, he’s come clean about the how’s and why’s of what happened a long time ago. His latest book delves into Stoicism and uses historical tales and anecdotes to describe the tenets of this lesser known philosophy.

It feels very Robert Greene (which is a compliment of course) and quite a change of pace from his earlier works. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book and am currently embracing the many obstacles in my life! Please join me in welcoming Ryan Holiday to London Real. This man is brimming with talent and I can only imagine what he will be up to in the next 10 years.

Ryan Holiday’s journey into the professional world began with a remarkable stint as the Director of Marketing for American Apparel at the young age of 21. Known for his innovative campaigns and strategic thinking, Holiday quickly became recognised for his ability to capture attention in the noisy landscape of modern media. His early experiences in marketing laid the groundwork for his future endeavours and set the stage for his transition into the realm of authorship and philosophy.

At the heart of Ryan Holiday’s worldview is Stoicism, an ancient philosophy that emphasises virtue, resilience, and self-discipline. Drawn to the teachings of Stoic philosophers such as Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, Holiday found profound insights that would shape his personal and professional life. Stoicism’s emphasis on enduring challenges with grace, embracing obstacles as opportunities, and maintaining equanimity in the face of adversity became the bedrock of his philosophy.

In 2014, Holiday introduced the world to Stoicism through his bestselling book, “The Obstacle Is the Way.” Rooted in timeless principles, the book explores the idea of using challenges as stepping stones to success. Holiday weaves together historical anecdotes and modern examples to illustrate how individuals throughout history have turned adversity into advantage. “The Obstacle Is the Way” struck a chord with readers seeking practical wisdom to navigate life’s hurdles, earning Holiday widespread acclaim as a modern-day philosopher.

Building on the success of his first book, Holiday delved deeper into the psychological aspects of personal and professional growth with “Ego Is the Enemy” in 2016. This insightful work explores the destructive nature of unchecked ego and its impediment to true success. Drawing on historical figures and contemporary examples, Holiday challenges readers to confront their own egos, fostering humility and self-awareness as essential tools for overcoming obstacles.

Holiday’s commitment to Stoic philosophy persisted with subsequent works like “The Daily Stoic,” a daily devotional co-authored with Stephen Hanselman, offering readers a daily dose of Stoic wisdom. His collaborative efforts with Hanselman also led to “Lives of the Stoics,” a book profiling key figures of Stoicism and their timeless lessons for modern living.

Beyond his literary contributions, Ryan Holiday’s influence extends to podcasts, interviews, and public speaking engagements. A sought-after speaker, he shares insights on Stoicism, marketing, and navigating the complexities of the modern world. Holiday’s ability to bridge ancient wisdom with contemporary challenges has made him a trusted guide for those seeking balance, purpose, and resilience in their lives.

Ryan Holiday’s multifaceted career reflects a unique fusion of classical philosophy, strategic thinking, and a commitment to personal development. Through his bestselling books, influential podcasts, and thought-provoking talks, he continues to impact individuals from diverse walks of life. In a world characterised by constant change and digital noise, Holiday’s emphasis on Stoic principles offers a timeless anchor, guiding people towards a more meaningful and purposeful existence.


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