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Ryan Holiday - Trust Me Im Lying


When you sit down to speak to the man known as the best media manipulator in the business, you start to wonder who is really going to be in control. Ryan Holiday is a man whose reputation precedes him in a huge way. After doing business with the likes of Tucker Max, Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene (48 Laws of Power) and Dov Charney of American Apparel, you know he’s a highly qualified marketer. On top of that he’s an accomplished author of the books “Trust Me, I’m Lying”, “Growth Hacking”, and his latest “The Obstacle is the Way. “But while Ryan might be the master manipulator of the mass media, in person he’s a genuine and earnest young guy who is wise beyond his years and can handle his success. In fact when you dig down deep into many of his media stunts he’s come clean about the how’s and why’s of what happened a long time ago. His latest book delves into Stoicism and uses historical tales and anecdotes to describe the tenets of this lesser known philosophy. It feels very Robert Greene (a compliment of course) and quite a change of pace from his earlier works indeed. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book and am currently embracing the many obstacles in my life! ! Please join me in welcoming Ryan Holiday to London Real. This man is brimming with talent and I can only imagine what he will be up to in the next 10 years. The Obstacle Is The Way


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