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Giles Palmer - CEO of Brandwatch


In a technology media space full of buzzwords, what does Big Data really mean?

That’s what we asked Giles Palmer, the Founder & CEO of Brandwatch, a company devised to help organisations find and engage with online conersations that matter.

As one of the very few companies with early access to Twitter’s “Fire Hose” of real-time data, Brandwatch has been putting that “Big Data” in his customer’s hands and scaling massively along the way with their recent $22 million of investment being used to “double down on engineering.”

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And in establishing a presence in America, what has Giles learned from the Yanks?  “Go Big or Go Home” he explains. “When the Americans see a spark somewhere, they throw fuel on it in the form of capital and people.”

Join us in welcoming Giles Palmer into our portfolio of people at Silicon Real.

compiled by @zander-bylund.


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