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Rory Sutherland - Mad Men


Without thinking you can hum the McDonald’s jingle. Instantly you recognise the Apple logo. I say Starbucks, you see that little New York mermaid. I say London Real and you say, “it’s about the journey” right? Branding is everywhere. It’s identity, it’s product and it’s experience. For perfectly crafted, think of last Christmas and the Sainsbury’s World War advert – human experience, emotion and connection. The fact that it went viral is proof that it hit bullseye. You’ll not be surprised when I tell you that it’s not accidental‚ Filled with the sharpest minds and creatives, agencies devise the writing, images and video that drive the consumer machine forward. They tap into our psychology and passion, raise our adrenaline, navigate what makes us human and sell us the product. Our guest this week, Rory Sutherland, is one of the minds behind the work. With a career spanning almost almost 30 years at one the world’s most respected and innovative agencies, Rory has watched advertising evolve from print to online. In fact, he was one of the first in the industry to endorse the internet and all it’s possibility and promise. Understanding the internet didn’t just change his career but the entire way we experience it today. Rory is a TED fellow, an author, writes a column for The Spectator and brings his vision, wisdom and charisma to the London Real hot seat. You’ll never look at an advert the same way again!


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