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Dr Michael Greger - How Not To Diet: The Science Of Healthy Weight Loss


Vegan Diet Science

Dr Michael Greger is the Physician, bestselling author, and speaker who advocates a plant based, whole foods diet to reverse and prevent, fatal disease and illness.

He is a graduate of Cornell University and the Tufts University School of Medicine, and his New York Times bestselling book “How Not To Die” examines the fifteen top causes of death in America.

He has appeared in numerous documentary films including “What The Health”, “Prescription: Nutrition” and “Eating you Alive.”

Dr Michael Greger’s website,, has thousands of videos giving research-based advice, about specific foods and health-related issues.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:47 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:58 | Brian’s introduction.
04:36 | The stories of how lives were changed by Michael’s first book How Not To Die, keep him going.
07:11 | The in-depth research Michael undertook when writing How Not to Diet.
12:24 | How Not to Die is plant diet based describing its health benefits for major killer diseases.
13:36 | Why Michael is not a vegan and how he remained objective in terms of diet for How Not to Diet.
17:07 | Why he takes no money from the sale of his books.
19:07 | The original inspiration for his work and why he would like hospitals to take the lead in healthy eating.
27:52 | Why Doctors prescribed drugs to control heart disease and diabetes rather than a change in diet.
31:21 | Michael considers The Game Changers as the best film ever put out by the plant-based movement.
36:04 | Michael disagrees with Brian’s view that the erection study scenes are unnecessary.
41:04 | Brian’s experience of eating plant-based diet and Michael’s views on it.
55:32 | What surprised Michael when researching his new book How Not to Diet.
1:05:13 | His views on the Carnivore and Ketogenic diets.
1:10:23 | Alzheimer’s disease, the second leading cause of death in the UK.
1:17:19 | Migraines and female cramps relieved with plant-based diet.
1:19:09 | What Michael thinks of using meat substitutes like those from Beyond meat.
1:22:24 | Michael’s next book will be How Not to Age, longevity, how food affects the 6 pathways of aging.
1:23:42 | Other books he wants to write.
1:24:38 | Does he take time to just step back and take time to look after himself?
1:32:18 | Michael’s daily habit.
1:35:04 | Best and worst days of his life.
1:40:29 | What scares him.
1:41:52 | What keeps him awake at night.
1:43:24 | Michael’s view on the future for the human species.
1:44:35 | Success secrets.
1:45:18 | Brian’s summing up.


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