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Dr Marwan Alzarouni - Dubai Is The Merchant of Hope: Everyone Is Working Towards Their Dreams


CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC)

Just recently I had the pleasure of spending a week in Dubai at the Future Blockchain Summit. It was great to be there, and I met some truly inspiring people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. 

It was an incredible event in an incredible city, and I was so impressed by the remarkable progress that is happening in blockchain and Web3, to see it firsthand and speak face to face with the people that are transforming the way we live our lives.

I’ve been very fortunate to sit down with all the biggest names in the world of crypto from Michael Saylor, Raoul Pal, Stani Kulechov and Emin Gün Sirer to Max Keiser, Andreas Antonopoulos, BitBoy Crypto and Dan Morehead among many more, but what I saw in Dubai truly underlined the fundamental impact blockchain is having on the world as we know it.

While I was there, I hosted a number of conversations with some of the big thinkers in the business, and I was blown away by what I was seeing and hearing. In particular, I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with Dr Marwan Alzarouni for an in depth conversation about the new wave of digital innovation that is transforming Dubai and the UAE into the world’s most significant crypto destination. 

Dr Alzarouni is an internationally recognised blockchain technology advocate, keynote speaker and strategic advisor. He is one of the Middle East’s most well-known crypto pioneers, and has been at the forefront of supporting and promoting blockchain technology within the region. 

Alongside being the Strategic Advisor to Digital Dubai, Dr Alzarouni is also the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Centre. If anything sums up Dubai’s commitment to the technology of tomorrow it is the Blockchain Centre. A key part of the Area 2071 initiative, it is a concerted investment in the future generations and provides training for students, entrepreneurs and government departments.  

It also plays host to local and international blockchain events and conferences. The remit of Digital Dubai on the other hand, is to create a truly smart city that leverages emerging technologies like blockchain and AI to create a more efficient, forward thinking environment, streamlining processes in every area imaginable.  

If all that is not enough Dr Alzarouni is also an advisor to Everdrome, the world’s first hyper-realistic metaverse, where his wealth of expertise, knowledge and passion for all things blockchain including NFTs and Gamefi, have seen him become a crucial part of their groundbreaking project.

“The metaverse is a natural evolution of our connected world, and technologies such as blockchain are at the heart of what will make the metaverse a success for everyone.”

Cointelegraph named Dr Alzarouni in the Top 100 Most Influential People in Crypto, and with such lofty goals as making the UAE a global leader in blockchain innovation, while ensuring Dubai is the happiest place to live on the planet, you can see why. From what I have seen they really are making huge strides. 

This is a fascinating conversation and one you don’t want to miss. The world around us is changing fast, and with that comes enormous opportunity!

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