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Watch > Episode > Ben Armstrong (AKA BitBoy Crypto) - How To Survive The Crypto Crash: The Fed, Regulation And The Merge

Ben Armstrong (AKA BitBoy Crypto) - How To Survive The Crypto Crash: The Fed, Regulation And The Merge


YouTuber, Podcaster & Crypto Enthusiast

Today I welcome back a good friend of the show and someone who has been at the forefront of educating crypto newbies and old hands alike. I’m delighted he’s joining us once more in what is turning into quite the year for decentralised finance and cryptocurrency.

Yes, back by popular demand, Ben ‘BitBoy Crypto’ Armstrong is back in the London Real hotseat. Ben is a personal finance influencer, investor and crypto enthusiast who is probably best known as Bitboy Crypto thanks to his increasingly popular YouTube channel that, alongside his various platforms, has made him one of the most sought-after figures in the cryptoverse.

The last time Ben joined me on the show, we went deep on everything from Gary Gensler and geopolitics to NFTs and the battle for blockchain supremacy. But, a lot has happened since then. Another friend of the show, Michael Saylor, who was here only last week, has a saying – “there are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when Bitcoin happens”, and that really sums up the last 12 months in crypto.

For his part, Ben is the leader of a new wave of savvy entrepreneurs who made early investment moves in Bitcoin and has spent the last few years down the rabbit hole, acquiring the kind of knowledge base that has seen him become a popular face among YouTube cryptocurrency education.

With over 5 million dedicated followers, Ben uses his platform to update experienced traders and newbies alike with his unique blend of information and entertainment as he delves deep into the day’s hot topics. From wild price swings and the latest altcoin recommendations to blockchain upgrades and the geopolitical ramifications of Bitcoin, Ben brings it all to the fore with a charm and charisma that often belies his deep understanding of the space.

Ben knows only too well the value of sharing ideas and information. He understands the importance of education and how this will ensure new traders and investors don’t make the all too common mistakes he himself made nearly a decade ago. As Ben will testify, this technology has the power to revolutionise our financial systems and structures.

Ben also has some sound advice on how to navigate the bear market, while pointing to the often overlooked but crucial fact that we are simply in the midst of the same four-year Bitcoin cycle that we’ve seen previously which means, and this is important, that Bitcoin typically hits the bottom after the midterm elections – see you in November!

Ben also believes that the Ethereum Merge is the biggest and most significant event in cryptocurrency history, and will transform the industry as we know it. I can’t wait to hear his reasoning and outlook from that perspective.

Amidst the daily live shows and vlogs, Ben has also found time to write a book – Catching Up to Crypto: Your Guide to Bitcoin and the New Digital Economy – which offers a comprehensive breakdown of Bitcoin, the blockchain and the future of money.

“You’re early. Next year – you’ll still be early. Educate your friends and family. The importance and relevance this technology brings are revolutionary.”

I always look forward to my conversations with Ben, he’s a really smart guy and just so knowledgeable about this space. There is so much in the way of negative press in the mainstream media when it comes to crypto and decentralised finance, but, if you take the time to peel away the layers, get educated and put the work in, you’ll see there’s some serious opportunities that everyone can profit from.

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  1. How did you know the bear market is coming?
  2. How do you trade in a bear market?
  3. I know when this cycle is going to bottom
  4. Why the merge is the biggest event in crypto history
  5. The worst case scenario can always happen
  6. Polygon will dominate L1s
  7. Thoughts on the layer 1s
  8. How Ripple got smarter
  9. This is the beginning of the end for SEC in crypto enforcement
  10. Sam Bankman-Fried is evil
  11. Why did Celsius crash?
  12. Who was behind the Terra Luna crash?
  13. Factor in that Black Swan when you’re making decisions
  14. What’s next for BitBoy Crypto?


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