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Watch > Episode > Andreas Antonopoulos (aka Bitcoin Jesus) - Episode 3 - Mastering Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies And The Future Of Decentralised Finance

Andreas Antonopoulos (aka Bitcoin Jesus) - Episode 3 - Mastering Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies And The Future Of Decentralised Finance


First broadcast June 27, 2019

Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. These words tend to throw people for a loop. Chances are that you’ve heard them but don’t have a firm grasp of what they mean or why they’re important.

That makes you a part of Andreas Antonopoulos’s mission.

His goal is to educate as many people as possible about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereium. Most importantly, he wants you to know how those currencies can give you back the freedom you didn’t know you’d lost.

The Importance of Privacy

You may only think about your financial privacy in terms of keeping your information away from thieves. As Antonopoulos explains, though, your own government could be sleuthing more than you realize.

Every transaction you make says something about you. In fact, there’s an entire short story called Ordeal by Cheque that uses personal checks to tell a family’s story.

The government can use your transactional information to gather information about you. They can learn about your political views, how you spend your free time, where you travel, and more. Then can use this information to target you, manipulate you, and impact elections.

The Problem with Government-Controlled Currency

It may be scary to think about the lack of privacy we have. Andreas Antonopoulos points out that this isn’t the only problem with governments controlling our currency.

Not only does the government know just about everything about you, but they can also respond by affecting your money. They could manipulate the currency any way they choose or put an end to it altogether. The idea of being left in the world with no money either in cash or in the bank is terrifying.

How Is Blockchain Currency Different?

Antonopoulos doesn’t make his way around the world speaking at major events to scare people about their money. He’s spreading the word about a solution: blockchain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies solve the privacy problem by the nature of blockchain technology. This technology uses data blocks to process information about your transactions. However, they don’t store actual identifying information about you.

In other words, your transactions are anonymous so no one can use them to manipulate you.

Cryptocurrencies also fix the problem of currency being controlled by the government. Instead of being under the power of a state entity, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are digital and decentralized. There is no singular controlling power to shut them down or impact them on a whim, and governments don’t play a part in the process.

Learning from Andreas Antonopoulos’s Expertise

Andreas Antonopoulos is a tech leader, a certified blockchain expert, and a fintech mastermind. Most importantly, he’s someone who knows the true dangers of state-controlled currency. His goal is to help you protect yourself.

In his interview, Antonopoulos offers a comprehensive view into the scary world of traditional currencies. He explains the impact that the currencies already have on our daily lives and the risks we take if we continue to let them control us.

As he explains, transitioning to blockchain cryptocurrency and becoming a cashless society is the only reliable way to get out from under those risks and retain our freedom.

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00:00 | Trailer
02:19 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:33 | Brian’s introduction
06:25 | When your stuff weighs less than you
07:45 | Why he lives a nomadic lifestyle
11:30 | Brian’s and Andreas’ backgrounds with Bitcoin and what attracts others to it18:48 How Andres feels about the people who speculate on Bitcoin
21:34 | Importance of research to know the definitions so to avoid the scams and know when not to invest
28:41 | Andreas shuns the get rich quick speculators who despoil what he believes is a force for good
33:42 | An explanation of what causes the dramatic booms and busts in Crypto, but there are worse bubbles
43:19 | The benefits of the wash out cycle after bubbles burst and companies collapse
46:22 | Why people need to understand cryptocurrency and blockchain and their future impact on them
55:07 | People should diversify their life and assets thus acting as Chekov’s gun to a governmental plan
1:03:07 | Cryptocurrency is not for everyone, it requires certain skills
1:04:44 | Not important Amazon doesn’t accept crypto, as it’s not present in countries where crypto is needed
1:05:09 | You can remove your country from crypto, but you cannot remove crypto from your country
1:10:09 | The danger of surveillance and powerlessness in a cashless society
1:15:00 | Currency is used as a weapon
1:23:06 | What Andreas says to those who say we have to guard against using money for terrorism
1:26:48 | Separation of money and state will be seen as an obvious idea of our second enlightenment
1:30:14 | Does Andreas worry above government sanctions being imposed upon him
1:33:35 | The five pillars of blockchain
1:38:27 | The worrying concerns around the new permission blockchains, like the new Facebook coin Libra
1:43:40 | People get worried about their privacy and identity but don’t realise money is a form of free speech
1:48:39 | A prediction of a possibly bizarre world where AI creates companies without human supervision
1:52:44 | Digital exhortation organisations
1:53:20 | These systems are neutral to politics, it can disrupt a lot of social institutions
2:01:05 | An exploration of Uber, a unicorn technology corporation
2:11:18 | What this world would look like in one hundred years-time if it goes as Andreas hopes it will
2:16:48 | The human capacity for disruption is dictated by age, so generational change drives us forward
2:18:25 | What Andreas sees himself doing in five years and why he is learning Spanish to achieve this
2:20:00 | His view of the future for crypto currencies in China
2:21:06 | Andreas’ daily routine
2:22:45 | What his superpower is
2:26:39 | Worst and best days of his life
2:32:06 | What we would be surprised to learn about Andreas
2:37:03 | What scares him
2:38:23 | What keeps him awake at night
2:42:23 | Phone call to the 20 years old Andreas
2:43:48 | Success secrets
2:44:32 | Phone call to the young person listening to help them prepare themselves to live in the world
2:50:18 | Brian’s summing up.


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