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Max Keiser - The Banned Episode: Would You Rather Trust Your Bank or Bitcoin?


First broadcast May 13, 2020

Max Keiser is an American journalist, broadcaster, and filmmaker.

For over 10 years Max has hosted the Keiser Report with his wife Stacy, on the television network RT where he discusses finance, current affairs, and cryptocurrency with guests like Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and of course Brian Rose.

He also hosts the weekly economics programme Double Down on Radio Sputnik, has written for The Huffington Post, and is regularly interviewed for his insight on finance & cryptocurrency.

Max continued to broadcast throughout the global lockdown discussing the impact of COVID-19, the opportunity in cryptocurrencies, and the damaging propaganda coming from the mainstream media.

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1. Sergeant Max Keiser Thoughts On Censorship
2. Leaving The UK Because Of Lack Of Freedom Of Speech
3. The Keiser Lens On The Government
4. The Federal Reserve Is Printing Out Money To Buy Small Business Out
5. What Does The Central Bank And Federal Reserve Do?
6. What We Can Do About The 2020 Economic Recession?
7. Will Certain Industries Disappear?
8. Working From Home Should We Still Be On Lockdown?
9. Bitcoin Is A Life Changing Value
10. Would You Rather Trust Your Bank Or Bitcoin?
11. Other Cryptocurrencies That Can Be Complementary To Bitcoin
12. Thinking Outside Of The Box
13. Living And Working With Your Partner
14. Behind The Scenes Of The Keiser Report
15. The Next 5 Years With The Keisers


0:00 | Intro
1:00 | Brian introduction
3:14 | Max’s thoughts on main stream media censorship
7:13 | The difference between free speech in the UK and USA
12:04 | Brian talks about the effects on behavior when people are scared of censorship
19:02 | Max talks about the problems with fiat money
20:45 | Max discusses the 2008 crash and the bank bailouts
22:26 | Brian and Max discuss the cantillon effect and government bailouts
26:27 | Max predicts that we will transform into a neofeudalism society
30:37 | The private bank that control most of the world’s finances
31:09 | Max talks about Nomi Prins books Collusion
37:45 | Amazon’s growth in the coming years
38:44 | Max discusses the future of air travel
43:16 | Max talks about what lockdown has been like for him and his wife
44:00 | His take on COVID-19 and the CIA
50:00 | The failure of the US coronavirus response
53:45 | Max talks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
59:55 | Why gold and bitcoin are similar
1:03:03 | Max talks about the Bitcoin halving event
1:15:47 | Why Bitcoin is the only coin to invest in
1:23:00 | Max talks about his issues with anger and how he’s benefitted from it
1:26:00 | Max’s relationship with his wife
1:33:31 | Max’s future plans
1:40:59 | Brian sums up


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