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Dorian Yates - BAFTA Movie World Premiere of Inside The Shadow


6x Mr Olympia

If there’s one thing that can be confidently stated, it’s that most people’s success stories are neither simple nor easy achievements. In fact, in many cases, it seems the opposite is the truth. Trials and tribulations are something that we will all face in our lives, and the rough patches will help mould us and define who we become.

That statement can certainly be applied to a man like Dorian Yates, the central figure of the movie “Inside the Shadow.” Yates is a man who has seen and done a lot within his lifetime and has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Now, in this exclusive documentary, we get to see firsthand the challenges Yates has faced to get to the stage he’s at today. Read on to find out what to expect.

Inside the Shadow: The Stories of Dorian Yates

Like many of us, Dorian Yates set out to live a life of purpose and accomplishment, and just like many of us, he managed to stumble and lose his path along the way. Inside the Shadow is the tale of one man’s journey from flight to plight, and then to redemption.

Yates began a career in bodybuilding at a young age and quickly climbed the ladder to success, even going so far as to compete in and win Mr. Olympia six times. Training day in and day out showcased his drive to be the best and helped him earn his keep. However, the fame that his work ethic brought him was also the very thing that served to tear him down, dragging him into a life of wrong he ultimately didn’t want.

Despite the odds, through perseverance Yates was able to get back on his feet and take back control of his life, becoming a true hero for himself and for those who walk in his shoes. Inside the Shadow tells a deeply revealing tale about the public figure we’ve come to know and the real man we have yet to understand, and it’s certainly worth anyone’s time to watch.

Time to Become Inspired

The story of Dorian Yates is one that showcases an incredible amount of strength, persistence, and a beautiful journey of spirituality. That being said, his journey doesn’t have to be exclusive to him. In fact, there’s likely a number of people who are experiencing trials just like Yates once faced. Perhaps you may be one of those people.

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