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8 week online course

Brian Rose, founder and host of London Real

Brian Rose

Founder, CEO & Host

“My team and I will work with you closely so that you don’t just learn the high performance habits of London Real’s most successful guests, they become a part of you!”

In Just Eight Weeks, You Will...


1. Master The Mind

You will start by learning how to understand and trust your intuition. Learn how to deep dive into yourself using the practice that sparked London Real: meditation. Next, explore the profound impact gratitude had on my life and how you can practice it using a simple tool. Lastly, you will clear your head by going on a low media diet.

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2. Hone  Your Mindset

Now you are going to prepare yourself for peak performance. You will turn your dreams into actionable goals and learn how to fearlessly execute them, Dan Peña-style. We will delve into the psychology of procrastination, and how you can conquer it using the Getting Things Done mindset – a technique our entire team uses.


3. You Are What You Eat

In this module we are going to focus on habits, not diets. The goal of this module is to spot toxic eating behaviour, introduce new healthy changes, and transform them into lasting habits. Your energy levels will soar. If you want to get fit, diet is key. It’s even more important than exercise if you want to look great.


4. Move or Die

Movement is essential when it comes to happiness, creativity and longevity. Sometimes we suffer from a bad day, a negative state of mind or even depression. The way to clear your head, oddly enough, is by getting out of your head. Therefore this week will be all about finding a movement practice that fits your lifestyle.


5. Supercharge Your Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of your health. It is most probably the biggest indicator of your success. Yet no one teaches you how to sleep! In this module we are going to build sleeping habits, cut down on the time it takes to fall asleep, and introduce a sleeping ritual that will change your entire sleeping game.

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6. Strengthen Your Inner Circle

If one of our top 3 relationships are not doing well, we are not doing well. That is is why we are dedicating a whole week to exploring our relationships. You will learn how to connect on a deeper level than ever before. You will also practice forgiveness, which we guarantee by the end of the week will create surprising results for you.

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7. Plan Your Winning Future

Here, you revisit your learnings, pick the concepts that work for you, and set up a 12 month roadmap. In the same way Dorian Yates meticulously planned his Mr. Olympia victories. Next, I will introduce you to the Stoic thinking that changed my life and how you can use it to take your future to the next level.

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8. Harness Your Sexual Energy

Before you freak out, this module is all about sexual energy, not sex. Here you are going to learn tools and teachings from eastern culture to amp up your energy levels through the power of sexual healing. You will learn how to create greater longevity and improve your overall health. And don’t worry, this module is a solo act.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Life Accelerator program, please book a free call with a member of the London Real Academy team by clicking on the link below.

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The Real Accountability System

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London Real Academy teaches courses you can’t quit. That’s because we’ve developed a Triple-Tiered Accountability System™.

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Group Sessions

Discuss your work and progress in detail with your team and put any questions to your dedicated team leader.

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24/7 Accountability Community

Peers and team leaders can view your progress. They’re there to help you through the course and call you out if your falling behind.

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Live Teaching By Video Conference

Once a week Brian Rose will get on a live video conference call with you to discuss that week’s module and talk through any issues.

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You will be supported throughout the duration of the eight-week program and beyond. Accountability is central to everything we do at the London Real Academy – our system ensures your feet are held to the fire and keeps you on track to have your own revenue-generating business by the time the program ends

Our Alumni


Anthony Rossbottom

Life Accelerator Graduate

“If I could put a conservative figure on how much this course improved my life, I’d say it’s made it 300% better.”

Life accelerator

Tina Stamou

Life Accelerator Graduate

“Brian and his team constantly gave us specific and purposeful direction at all times. And there was a community to support us.”


Martijn Wisse

Life Accelerator Graduate

“The accountability system really works. With this group, you just don’t want to be the one lagging behind. It did really work.”

London Real Academy

Life Accelerator

8 week online course