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Watch > Episode > Yat Siu - Why 2022 Is The Year of Blockchain Gaming & NFT Mass Adoption For Crypto & DeFi

Yat Siu - Why 2022 Is The Year of Blockchain Gaming & NFT Mass Adoption For Crypto & DeFi


CEO & Founder of Outblaze and Chairman of Animoca Brands

I am very excited about today’s guest, as he is, without doubt, one of the most important voices you’ll hear in regards to the ever-evolving world of decentralised finance and the blockchain.

For regular viewers of London Real, and those that have been following our movements over the last six months this interview will offer up a significant reference point for anyone keen to gain a better understanding of NFTs, the metaverse, blockchain gaming, and all that entails. For any new friends, sit back, take notes, listen and re-listen, because you’re about to take another trip down the rabbit hole.

As many of you know, at London Real we have pushed the boundaries recently, to bring to the fore the most significant figures in the world of cryptocurrency and decentralised finance. People like Robert Breedlove, Alex Mashinsky, Richard Muirhead and many more, who are playing their part in what I call “the greatest dislocation of wealth in human history”.

DeFi is revolutionising the world of finance, and if you haven’t worked that out, you need to pay very close attention to the interviews and information we are providing, as we are painting a picture of a world in the not too distant future, that can benefit so many of us if we all work together.

Yat Siu is an entrepreneur, investor, business leader and one of the most significant figures in the world of gaming and the blockchain. He has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the online gaming space for the last 10 years and as CEO and co-founder of Animoca Brands, he is forging new ground in game development, and the complex and often misunderstood world of NFTs.

As Yat points out,

“NFTs and blockchain games are driving blockchain adoption by delivering true digital property rights to all users.”

At Animoca Brands that means working with and investing in companies that share similar values and the common goal to bring more equity to the future of games, while radically changing the future of how we live, play and work, for the better.

As a young boy, Yat showed early promise, developing software on an Atari ST, before the company actually approached him with an offer of work. He was merely a teenager, but, it signalled a lifelong love affair with technology and its potentiality that grows stronger to this day. On moving to Hong Kong in the mid-nineties Yat set up Hong Kong Cybercity, the first free web page and email provider in Asia.

From here, he founded the company Outblaze a pioneering digital media development company that has been a global leader in Web 2.0 products ever since and offered the earliest version of cloud computing services. At Animoca he and his team developed gaming apps on the emerging smartphone market and have racked over 50 million downloads to date.

Yat was named World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow and in 2009 won the Young Entrepreneur Award from the Hong Kong Business Awards. He is a Member of the Board at BAFTA and the Asian Youth Orchestra and we are delighted to have his insight and expertise on London Real.

It’s very early days in the space, and yet there is so much happening. Trust me when I say, this is the time to get involved and take your seat at the table. Twenty years from now, people will look back and wonder how they managed to miss this opportunity, and a chance to shape a future financial system that is inclusive and prosperous.

This is why my team and I are going “all in” on this technology and infrastructure and plan on spending the next 10 years teaching, understanding, broadcasting, educating, investing in, profiting from and transforming this exciting new marketplace.

Yat Siu offers up another significant piece in the puzzle. He is an incredibly charismatic and engaging individual who is empowering innovation across the globe. He believes in openness and democracy as we build a brave new future with shared ideals. His goal is to establish true digital property rights for everyone, after all, to own your data is to own your future and with that comes freedom.

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  1. Gaming will be a $1 trillion industry
  2. Gaming and financial value
  3. We want everyone involved in the Metaverse
  4. Facebook going Meta
  5. NFTs from the gaming perspective
  6. You’re already buying NFTs
  7. We are creating universal basic equity
  8. NFTs will change the way we experience games
  9. Gaming, crypto and NFTs will create a revolution
  10. DeFi was a supercharger for blockchain gaming
  11. Why Hong Kong creates disruptive entrepreneurs
  12. How can people join the crypto community
  13. We are heading to a completely open metaverse
  14. Facebook’s meta announcement is a massive endorsement


00:00 | Trailer.
02:52 | Brian’s introduction.
03:43 | Why 2022 is the year of blockchain gaming and NFTs and could be a very exciting year.
08:03 | Yat Siu’s perspective on the acceleration of the evolution in gaming from the days of Atari.
13:19 | How gaming is the best way to get everyone involved in the metaverse.
14:56 | An explanation of what is, in Yat Siu’s opinion, the real metaverse.
16:44 | Why it is important not to create digital colonialism, but to get digital property rights into the hands of everyone.
23:32 | Yat Siu sees NFTs as stores of culture.
30:51 | When most people only think of NFTs as .jpegs how does Yat Siu envision their future?
40:00 | What play-to-earn achieves.
47:24 | Are we all going to be at home playing video games – is that the future of humanity?
51:16 | Because of NFTs and blockchain, content will become the platform.
57:07 | The mission of Animoca Brands and what is currently happening within it.
1:02:21 | Young people do create a revolution, but this one doesn’t need to be bloody.
1:08:10 | What Yat Siu meant when he said the evolution of Defi was a supercharger for blockchain gaming.
1:17:53 | How do individuals and capitalists make the mindset transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0?
1:24:17 | Why Yat Siu moved to and remains in Hong Kong and his views on its closeness to China.
1:33:00 | Should people start moving forward into the metaverse by buying an NFT or getting into Sandbox?
1:36:00 | What Yat Siu will be doing in ten years time and how he thinks the world will have changed.
1:40:59 | Is this one of the most important inflection points in humanity where we can go one way or the other in terms of owning our own digital property?
1:45:15 | Brian’s thanks to Yat Siu for his contribution in explaining how NFTs and gaming tie into the blockchain space.
1:53:01 | Brian’s summing up and how to find out more about Animoca.


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