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Watch > Episode > Robert Breedlove - What is Money? Bitcoin: Bringing Freedom to the Masses

Robert Breedlove - What is Money? Bitcoin: Bringing Freedom to the Masses


Founder & CEO of Parallax Digital

Over the last ten years at London Real, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with some of the world’s greatest minds. People whose lives are determined by their innate desire to answer life’s big questions.

From Noam Chomsky and Steven Pinker to Sadhguru and Jordan Peterson, I’ve been fortunate to spend time in the company of some seriously deep thinkers.

Today’s guest is someone who is adding much to the realm of human experience and our place in the grand picture. Robert Breedlove is a DeFi entrepreneur, prolific writer, Bitcoin philosopher and most importantly freedom maximalist, who has become one of the pre-eminent figures in the world of cryptocurrency, most notably for his work in exploring the value and principles of Bitcoin.

From his early days as a hedge fund manager to his many exploits across a broad range of industries from enterprise and consumer technology to corporate finance and wealth management, Robert has taken a journey not dissimilar to many of his contemporaries, and is now deeply embedded in the cryptosphere.

Robert is the founder & CEO of Parallax Digital, a Bitcoin focused consultancy firm and the host behind the mic on the ‘What is Money?’ podcast. His mission and focus is to “maximise freedom for humanity” by exploring and teaching as many individuals as possible about the ‘greatest con in human history’, namely central banking, and why we need to redefine our relationship with our finances.

The “What is Money?” podcast is the rabbit that will lead you down the proverbial hole of new inquiries, perspectives on socio economic reality, and worldview-shattering revelations.

Robert offers historical context, a deep understanding of human nature, and questions the deceptive tactics employed by the financial institutions and government alike to maintain a status quo – that punishes the many and consolidates the few.

His work on the Sovereign Individual, and the curiosities and tendencies of humankind – be it our ability to digest new concepts and innovations or our desire to explore and mobilise our ideas – is what will truly help restore order from chaos in this world.

DeFi is the future and cryptocurrency is the tool by which we can build a brighter, more stable environment for billions of people.

Robert Breedlove is, without a doubt, one of the smartest people in the space right now. He is full of energy, passion, ideas and an understanding from a historical context of exactly how and why we find ourselves in such a perilous position as a species.

You do not want to miss this episode as Robert joins me for a deep dive into key topics and provides some clues to how we can build a better world for everyone.

It’s from incredible conversations like this, that I’ve learned so much about this fast-moving sector.

These insights and ideas, combined with my 30 years of experience working in finance, have helped to inform the creation of my new Accelerator program.

Having already graduated students from all over the world, the DeFi Academy is the place to learn how to profit from what I am calling the ‘Greatest Dislocation of Wealth in Human History’.

And now, you too can be part of this life-changing experience.

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  1. Money is destined to be encrypted
  2. Money as an instrument of options
  3. There’s a black hole in all our hearts
  4. No man can break Bitcoin
  5. Inflation is theft
  6. There’s a psychedelic property to Bitcoin
  7. Bitcoin as an approximation of sovereignty
  8. Bitcoin is the perfect store of value
  9. Bitcoin is bringing back discipline in finance
  10. You will buy Bitcoin eventually
  11. Bitcoin will dissolve all power structures
  12. What if the Feds would buy Bitcoin
  13. There’s nothing else decentralized except Bitcoin
  14. This is my why


00:00 | Trailer.
02:38 | Brian’s introduction.
03:28 | What is money?
13:52 | When money became an asset.
19:10 | Why humans always want something for nothing.
29:59 | Why we need fair and immutable rules as the bedrock of peaceful cooperation.
37:04 | Robert Breedlove explains the concept of inflation and why those receiving furlough cheques are the most victimised.
45:45 | The psychedelic property to Bitcoin.
1:01:12 | What Bitcoin is, how powerful and why it is ingenious.
1:10:46 | How it holds every individual to hyper responsibility and is radically transformational.
1:15:38 | The changes Robert Breedlove has seen in the last few years.
1:22:57 | Is Robert positive or concerned for the future of Bitcoin?
1:28:32 | How scary could it be if a central bank acquires Bitcoin and what that might lead to.
1:33:13 | Robert’s thoughts on the non-crypto assets.
1:37:25 | What Robert Breedlove will focus on for the next few years.
1:41:50 | Satoshi Nakamoto exemplifies the love and giving for the greater good, within this community.
1:45:04 | How to connect with Robert’s podcast and circular.
1:45:48 | Brian’s summing up.


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