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Alex Mashinsky - Unbanking the World: How Crypto & Decentralising Finance Will Bring Freedom to Billions of People


Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Celsius

Today, we welcome a huge figure in the tech industry and a genuine leader in the world of cryptocurrency to the London Real hot seat.  

Alex Mashinsky is an entrepreneur, inventor, business strategist, international speaker and the CEO of Celsius network, who have been instrumental in causing an avalanche of adoption and innovation across the world of decentralised finance.

Alex Mashinsky is known as a disruptor of established industries, with a mercurial entrepreneurial touch mixed with a hefty dose of technological imagination, he has managed to liberate and democratise systems and structures in a way that has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world.

He may be best known as one of the inventors of VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, a groundbreaking technology that allowed users to make phone calls using an internet connection and is used by over 3.5 billion people worldwide. It blew the industry-wide open and changed the very fabric of day to day life for billions of people across the planet.

This ability to spot gaps in markets where others only see closed shops is what has seen Alex achieve more than $1 billion in funding and over $3 billion in exits. He is the founder of several other companies including GroundLink, Transit Wireless, Elematics and Arbinet and has authored over 50 patents that cover aspects of Netflix streaming, Twitter, Groupon and Skype to name just a few.

Since 2017, he has brought his trailblazing approach to the blockchain and crypto industries, founding the Celsius Network, a community-based borrowing and lending platform built on the blockchain with the aim to disrupt the financial industry while creating economic freedom through digital currency for every person on the planet.

For years, traditional financial institutions have conditioned us to accept steep fees and no yield earnings on holdings as the status quo. The Celsius Network offers consumers what banks never could – a community-oriented platform that provides income and financial independence by offering low-cost lending and high-interest yield on crypto. 

It has worked incredibly well; in 2020, their Cel token outperformed the big players rising 3,500% during the year. Currently, Celsius has over 1 million community users and in the last twelve months has grown its total asset holdings from $1 billion to over $20 billion.

It’s a remarkable achievement and lays bare the determination Alex has to bring economic freedom to every person on the planet. And, if his track record is anything to go by, he alongside a wealth of innovators, movers and shakers will no doubt change the way finance is managed the world over in the years that follow.

DeFi and the blockchain will completely revolutionise the way we as consumers understand and interact with our money. It is a chance to create Financial Freedom and be a part of something, to engineer a better and more inclusive future for billions of people around the world. 

I’m looking for partners, collaborators, and colleagues who want to join forces with us and create real value and generational wealth. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss and exactly the reason why I created the DeFi Academy in the first place. Now is the time to get educated, find mentorship, and trade with a community you can trust.

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As Alex Mashinsky puts it,

“We need to take the best ideas and build a system that is scalable globally and that acts in the best interest of the community of users, not the few who run such networks today.”

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  1. There’s no transparency in banking
  2. I have 10 new thank you emails each morning
  3. Does China use digital currency to impose restrictions?
  4. The blockchain is an innovation regulators will embrace
  5. Crypto is like the dot com boom
  6. This is about all the money in the world
  7. The banks make me look great
  8. Building a bridge between TradFi and DeFi
  9. Bitcoin is heading to $100K
  10. Crypto experts are just months ahead of you
  11. This is a battle for all the money in the world
  12. Unbank yourself
  13. Intelligence is distributed equally around the world
  14. Most of the real world will have a NFT representation
  15. There’s more talent needed in crypto
  16. Memories from Ukraine, Israel and the US



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