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Watch > Episode > Paul McKenna - Freedom From Anxiety: How To Reset Your Brain & Master Your Emotions

Paul McKenna - Freedom From Anxiety: How To Reset Your Brain & Master Your Emotions


British Hypnotist & Behavioural Scientist

We live in a world of accessibility. If you want it, you can likely get it! This of course can be both a blessing and a curse. The internet has democratised information and allowed people from every far flung corner of the globe access to a world that previously seemed so far away. People are free to choose their content and explore ideas that would have previously been unobtainable.

Of course with that comes an inevitable stress to the senses. 24 hours a day, there’s a new headline, a new fad, an impending crisis, a warning, a crypto price spike or crash, hyperbole and horror stories, and never has this been more apparent than the last few years. We have become overburdened and the result is affecting countless people.

This is something today’s guest knows only too well and the good news is he’s here to help! Paul Mckenna is a hypnotherapist, behavioural scientist, and bestselling author who has spent much of the last thirty years helping millions of people improve their lives and deal with the stress and struggles of daily life through hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

The Times called him one of “the World’s most important modern day self-help gurus” and for his part, Paul is the UK’s most successful and prolific nonfiction author, with his books being translated into 32 languages and selling 10 million plus copies worldwide.

His bestseller “I Can Make You Thin” is the most successful self help book in UK history and his unique approach has seen people all over the world, manage to lose weight, give up smoking, create wealth, and live happier lives. His past clients also include some of the most famous people on the planet including David Beckham, Russell Brand and Robbie Williams to name just a few.

His latest book, “Freedom from Anxiety”, is a timely and necessary intervention to what Paul describes as a “psychological pandemic” brought on by covid, war, and a cost of living crisis. This tsunami of stress and worry has created a wave of psychological and physical effects.

“If I could give people just one ability from everything I’ve learned, it would be to switch off anxiety and go into a state of instant calm at will. That’s because one of the greatest problems facing the world today is too much stress and worry.”

Paul’s goal is to help anyone suffering from stress, fear and worry to live a more joyful life, by reprogramming the subconscious mind, to instantly switch off anxiety and reach a state of calm. Through techniques including meditation, visualisation and self hypnosis, Paul’s unique approach is truly empowering.

For all of his many years of success, top rated TV shows, sold out arena tours and celebrity client list, Paul is at his best when helping people address the underlying issues that can make everyday life such a struggle.

“If you don’t take responsibility for programming yourself, then someone else will.”

I’m really looking forward to Paul joining me in the studio once again. His enthusiasm, easy to follow techniques and inspiring nature make for a fascinating conversation. All of us could do with taking a little time out now and then, to take stock, prioritise and bring perspective.

And for anyone who has been struggling with stress and anxiety or just an all round lack of confidence, I hope this conversation brings much needed relief and assurance that there is a route back to happiness and fulfilment.

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  1. How to control your anxiety and feelings
  2. Can anxiety become an addition?
  3. How to overcome stress, anxiety and fear
  4. I’ve looked depression in the eye
  5. Techniques to instantly get rid of anxiety
  6. This is how you can run your brain
  7. Hypnosis as a problem solving tool
  8. Make confidence a habit
  9. If you want a break from anxiety then this is for you
  10. Putting CDs into books was a difficult negotiation in the ’90s
  11. This isn’t just about getting calm
  12. Get more done with vision boards
  13. Life in California
  14. How to instantly boost your charisma
  15. Living life to 100% of your true potential
  16. What’s next for Paul McKenna?


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