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Jim Kwik - How to Master Your Memory

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00:00 | Trailer
02:24 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:13 | Brian’s introduction
03:52 | Amazing reaction to Jim’s last appearance on London Real confirms appeal of its ethos
04:28 | Being mindful of your brain and loving it
05:31 | Content is the king and context is the kingdom
09:27 | The continuing importance of memory in this technological age
12:23 | We are gifted this incredible device, but it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual
13:20 | How people learn by connecting
16:03 | Why companies like Google, universities and institutions seek Jim to teach them about the brain
24:51 | If you knew how truly powerful your mind was you wouldn’t say, think, or feel something you didn’t want to be true
33:14 | Nouns are self-limiting so turn them into verbs
36:00 | Importance of sleep, hydration and nutrition
40:41 | You have a “To do list, but why not a “Not to do list”
42:51 | Ideas to mitigate the strangle hold of the i-phone and benefit of a routine for the first hour of the day
45:57 | Jim’s non-negotiable routines for the first hour of the day
50:00 | Importance of dreams
53:40 | Label as the child with the broken brain inspires his obsession for teaching how to learn
1:04:16 | Importance of journaling and the questions to ask yourself
1:23:36 | The life we live are the lessons we teach
1:25:16 | Using affirmations
1:27:11 | Fear holds people back from changing or taking action, use fear for something positive
1:47:19 | Jim leads a very busy life, what is his mission
2:01:55 | His current biggest challenge
2:04:42 | What scares him
2:09:50 | Phone call to the 20 years old Jim Kwik2:11:22 Best advice he ever received
2:11:54 | Success secrets
2:12:19 | Why you should read more fiction
2:15:00 | Advice to the 20 years old person watching or listening
2:22:41 | Brian’s summing up.


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