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Dave Asprey - Smarter Not Harder: The Biohacker's Guide To Getting The Body & Mind You Want


"Father of Biohacking" & Founder of Bulletproof 360 Inc.

Today’s guest is blazing a trail in the world of wellness and longevity and holds a personal goal to reach the aforementioned and rather unrealistic sounding target of 180 years of age, and that’s all because he knows more than almost anybody on the planet about hacking the human body.

Dave Asprey is a longtime friend of the show and someone I always look forward to spending time with. As a serial entrepreneur, author, and biohacker, he has made a name for himself worldwide thanks to his innovative approach to optimising your physical and mental well-being.

Dave is the founder of Bulletproof 360 and is likely best known to most for developing and popularising Bulletproof Coffee as a way to initiate a sustained energy boost and enhance mental clarity using a blend of high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. Dave developed the concept having travelled to Tibet, where he tried a local delicacy of yak-butter tea.

Of course, Bulletproof has become a huge brand that also supplies a range of top-quality products that alongside coffee and oils includes protein and a wide supplement range. As an author, Dave has written several books, including the New York Times bestsellers – ‘The Bulletproof Diet’, ‘Head Strong’ and ‘Game Changers’.

He also hosts the incredibly popular podcast Bulletproof Radio, where his interviews with experts in the fields of health, wellness, and performance have been downloaded millions of times. In addition, his work has also been featured in major media outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, and The Today Show.

Dave’s latest book – ‘Smarter Not Harder: The Biohacker’s Guide to Getting the Body and Mind You Want’ is like an encyclopedia of how to hack the body and mind, revealing some incredible and certified fresh knowledge of how anyone can maximise their well-being with the minimum effort, largely based on Dave’s personal journey and decade-plus years of research.

“All my life I’ve worked to improve my physical and mental resilience to become better than normal and help other people do it, too. The goal is to reach a higher baseline, make that your new normal, and then reach higher again.”

So successful is Dave at optimising his health and energy resources, he’s also made time to found Upgrade Labs – the world’s first Human Upgrade Centre and goes some way to underlining why he’s simply known as the ‘Father of Biohacking’.

I’m really looking forward to catching up with Dave, his contributions to the field of wellness and longevity have inspired so many people and I know that each conversation we’ve had previously left me with a lot of food for thought, and a ton of ideas to try out.

There really is no better time than right now, to improve your life, whether it’s health or wealth. Start today by taking some steps in the direction you want to go and most importantly tune into today’s episode, because who knows what small piece of wisdom or knowledge could trigger a change and inspire a new you.

“I want other people to have what I have. To be inspired instead of depleted. To be dangerous instead of afraid. To take bold risks, pursue dreams, and be unpredictable.”

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  1. There’s no reason I can’t live to be 180 years old
  2. You can completely change the way aging looks
  3. How to tap the power of laziness
  4. How to optimize workouts for maximum efficiency and health benefits
  5. Unconventional views on workouts – why less is more
  6. Biohacking secrets- how nutrients and smart supplementation can optimize your health and performance
  7. Why veganism is not the optimal diet for everyone
  8. How to get better sleep in less time
  9. Ejaculate less and live more
  10. Using gratitude and forgiveness as biohacking tools
  11. The people imposing the restrictions during the Pandemic were sociopaths
  12. What’s next for Dave Asprey?
  13. Do we have an AGI that we don’t know about?


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