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James Thompson – The Colossus

00:00 Trailer.
01:43 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
08:32 Brian’s Introduction.
09:31 Looking back three years.
16:45 Love hate relationship with MMA.
18:16 The MMA fighter as another entity and how a lost fight affects that persona.
24:51 Believe what you want to believe.
25:46 James’ and Kimbo Slice’s journey into the MMA.
31:44 James Thompson v Kimbo Slice first fight.
39:39 Preparing for the second James Thompson v Kimbo Slice fight.
45:57 Gambling. James speaks openly about his battle with his addiction.
54:20 Does introspection hinder James’ talents?
59:35 The ego and self-belief of MMA fighters.
1:06:30 James perspective on the UFC.
1:11:30 Brian’s thanks to James for talking about gambling, an addiction not talked about enough.
1:16:20 Advice to the 20 year old MMA fighter.
1:18:40 Success secrets.
1:19:45 Telephone call to the 20 year old James Thompson.
1:21:25 Best advice ever received.
1:22:34 Final advice to the young MMA fighter.
1:24:37 Opening doors to new opportunities without fear.

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Goddam i like this bloke !

John Robinson
Insightful. R.A.W is an interesting guy too! (“The Illuminatus! Trilogy” – Dillinger! Who knew!?) Alan Watts also good to listen to. Yet AGAIN Brian, “needs” are serviced in this very open and honest interview. There is power in being vulnerable. If only i had come of that courage! Good stuff. Having just read another bio of Buffett, he talk about failing conventionally. I had to laugh about the book comment -> if it fails, it will be just like the other 99%. Kinda gives you permission dont it!? Also insightful where James talks about an over-invested identity. This puts a… Read more »
Men I was behind the camera about to jump into when he spoke about R.A.W. Im very happy that he was finally mentioned in London real. He opened my mind. I think London Realers will love him, if you want to know a bit more about this guy watch the documentary! Basically he says that We are all living in a reality tunnel, a system of beliefs, behaviours, thoughts that creates your reality. So you think your reality is the only one , but is not. Each one of us is living in a different one, same than a… Read more »
John Robinson
“Nobody knows what’s going on”. This is so “true”. I’ve read books on finance, hollywood, spirituality, zen, physics and so on. I think the best metaphor was supplied by Steven Pinker’s analysis of language and how we use strange turns of phrase to describe things.(borrowed from Richard Lederer’s “Crazy English”) Like for example, “being under-water” actually means being IN water. (The abstraction of a water being a surface to be below) – he noted that we can “cut the end off a ribbon” – and now we have two ends, where before there was just one. We fill in a… Read more »

Very brave honesty here. A very complicated personality indeed!


Interview was okay, found James’ indirect eye-contact a bit distracting.


FYI – this is a good indication that he is a visual thinker and needs to make a picture of something in his head before he can speak about it. He breaks eye contact so he can make a visual construction in his mind, and then reconnects.
If you ever come across someone who does this, ask them lots of questions like “how do you picture it?” “what do you see about this?” ….they will fall in love with you!


Learned a lot thank you


Really enjoy listening to James – very down to earth and seems like a nice guy… I wouldn’t want to get him angry though 🙂
Excellent interview Brian!

Louise Carrier

Fantastic interview 🙂 Brilliant point 1:15mins in about thinking outside yourself; thinking about others even at your lowest points 🙂

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