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Ido Portal - Q&A Live in London - Just Move World Premiere


Life all comes down to a few moments.

Thursday night was one of them.

You see hosting the world premiere of a feature length documentary film that you produced in four months time is already a very intense and special experience.

To envision an idea, then pitch it, then travel to film it, then construct it in the editing room, then screen test it, then colour and sound grade it, and then premiere it on the big screen to an audience of 200 people…well, life doesn’t get more challenging and sensational than that.

But to do all this with Ido Portal as the main feature of your efforts takes that intensity up by a factor of 10.

Because Ido is a man I respect tremendously, whose message is one that I believe is crucial to the future of humanity.

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And it’s our responsibility to tell it with clarity and integrity.

No pressure Brian 🙂

Well now you get the chance to judge for yourself.

Some people say it’s our finest work yet, others told me they experienced a life-altering moment.

For me it answered one simple question:

Why do we do this at London Real?

The answer:


Yes, love.

We create movies and multi-media at London Real to express our love.

Our love for a person.

Our love for an idea.

Our love for transforming the world.

Watch closely and you can see it.

You can feel it.

You can even be a part of it.

Ido Portal, thank you for your trust.

We love you.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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