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No Comfort Zone

“This course took me on a hero’s journey – I radically changed my life, overcame diabetes and inspired a global community! Thanks to London Real I just completed a $1.6 million launch… and I plan to double that before year end.”

Jon McMahon

Business Accelerator Graduate

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Jon McMahon had success well over a decade ago in the dot-com boom.

When that crashed he spent “10 years like Moses in the wilderness, trying to get rid of the worst parts of ego and hubris.”

He still had enough money, and a lot of free time, but he was isolated and needed to reconnect.

Then one day he watched my interview with Philip McKernan and it spoke to him. He already loved London Real, but listening to Philip was the final push that made him step up and take action.

Jon joined our Business Accelerator, which for him was as much about getting back in touch with himself and the world as it was about business.

Like most people, he had fears about putting himself out there:

“The resistance, not feeling worthy, having to face my own internal low self-esteem, starting over, fear of failure, fear of success.”

But with the help of the London Real team and his fellow students he got over the hump and started to rapidly accomplish goals and find his passion again.

He created a new business, began vlogging, and most of all won back his energy and passion for life.

As Jon puts it:

“You’ve got to get busy and engage with life because there’s no comfort zone – you’re never at equilibrium, you’re going slowly down or you’re going slowly up.”