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My Tumour Was My Chance

“It’s great value you create, with such an inspiring group.

Marcel Gasser

Speak to Inspire Graduate

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Tell us about you. Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m originally from Switzerland, and  I used to call myself an entrepreneur. Something happened, three years ago, that means I’m now focusing more on the spiritual side or impact creation, recently. The past two and a half years, I’ve been travelling the world, as a digital nomad.

What happened, two and a half years ago?

I got a diagnosis of a tumour in my head, it was behind my third eye. This was a big shock, but I decided not to suffer. I told my family after two days that this was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I knew this is my chance to get back to myself, to jump into life again, and change everything. It was an amazing journey, but challenging. I refused traditional medicine, and I was very confident that I will find a natural way to cure my cancer. Which I did. It was an amazing journey that took me all over the world in search of the things I was looking for.

Two days is all it took you to reframe the idea that you have a tumour in your brain, and to think of it as a positive?

Yes. The funny thing actually was that after these two days, I had like 12 days until the surgery. I didn’t know if I would survive this surgery so I chose to celebrate my life. I told everyone that I may not survive, and I celebrated my life. Sometimes it feels like I just kept on celebrating my life, for the past three and half years, which was amazing.

So why enrol in Speak To Inspire?

I came to conclusion while I was at a spiritual conference that I’ve learned so much in the past few years and gained so much of understanding about myself. I connected back to myself, but also I have a sense of understanding of how the universe is working. How we as people are working and what’s driving us. I didn’t know I have to share this story but with my two major struggles, the tumour and the business which got screwed up I felt I could inspire people in a similar situation. I decided in both issues, I’m not going to suffer. In most of the cases, people are just suffering. Especially cancer, it’s usually the beginning of a long story of suffering and I was like I’m not gonna do this, I want to be an inspiration of people to take back their power, and to decide how they want to experience such situations. I think we are all able to choose how we want to experience.

What were the first two weeks like?

I could never have imagined that with people you’ve never met in life, you can actually build up such a big connection already. When we arrived yesterday, I already knew all the faces, the stories, and I felt this deep connection already. I’ve had amazing conversations yesterday and today, and hopefully tomorrow, and made friendships which will last.

What was it like watching your classmates?

This was very inspiring actually. What I realised is that everyone has a great story. Usually people think, I don’t have a great story, I have nothing to share. But everyone has something to speak up about and share, to inspire. So this was wow, and how many different stories we had in our group. This was really inspiring. I couldn’t even say which one was my favourite, there was so much good stuff happening!

How have you changed?

I can share my story now. I became more open and I’m grateful also for the connections. For the people, because the people are the class, it’s really wow. It’s great value you create, with such an inspiring group.

To someone who is thinking about taking the Speak To Inspire course, but they’re just not sure, what advice would you give them?

Just sign up, there is nothing you can lose. Even if you don’t speak afterwards, or you don’t want to speak afterwards, you still benefit so much for your own being.