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Trust The Process

I have so much self-confidence now that I can figure out any situation, whatever life throws at me.”

Andreas Hartl

Life Accelerator Graduate

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Tell us about you. Where are you from and what do you do?

I was born in the north of Germany near the ocean – very good air, healthy environment, a lot of farmers etc. Now I’m a self-employed electrician and I’m trading high-value electronics on eBay and servicing them.

What was going on before you joined us on the Life Accelerator?

Well, my life was a normal working 9-5 job life. I’m married, and normal routine crept in. I was asking myself, what’s missing here? It’s not what I really want. Something is really missing. So I was looking for what is it and I was asking my friends, how they see me. I went to festivals. Psychedelics helped. Then I figured it out, and I was asking myself these big questions:

What do I really want? Who is the real me?

Then one night on YouTube I couldn’t sleep and I found you. I didn’t know anything about you. I hadn’t looked at all of the old videos you had, the heroine addiction and everything. I just found the Life Accelerator and thought it sounded exciting so I just pulled the trigger and joined.

What are those first two weeks like for you?

I love the low media diet because I’m doing online business, I’m on this machine 24/7. I unsubscribed all the newsletters. I didn’t watch the news…I quit all this, and that brings you closer to yourself, your heart, your inner self and what you really want.

What was the biggest win for you?

Meditation, definitely. Quiet my mind. I had heard about the benefits, you know, on an intellectual level, and I read all the books. I knew everything about it, but I never did it before this course.

If bumped into Andreas who hadn’t of taken this course, how is that guy different than you right now?

I trust myself that I can handle and adapt to any situation the future will bring me because I can adapt fast, I can figure it out, I’m intelligent enough, I have so much self-confidence now that I can figure out any situation, whatever life throws at me.

What’s one lesson you can impart to people watching us that you learned on this course?

Trust yourself. Trust yourself, and don’t regret any decision you made in the past because it made you who you are right now. It brings you to this very moment. All the decisions in the past brings you to this very moment. Trust yourself and go for it.

For someone watching who is thinking about taking the Life Accelerator, but just isn’t sure. What would you tell them?

Oh, it’s easy. It’s just a click away. It’s so easy. It’s just a click. You click so often with your computer. And just trust the process. That’s the very first lesson you’ve told out of the first video. Trust the process, and I saw it in your eyes. You mean it, because you had these experience over the years.