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Journey To Authenticity

“Go for it! I cut years off my learning curve and I now have a podcast that reaches thousands!”

Sarah Hart

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Tell me a bit more about you, and what do you do?

I’m from London, and I’ve been a chiropractor for the last 10 years. About 18 months ago, I sold up my London-based practise to go on a new journey and have now started my podcast, Journey to Authenticity.

What was going on inside your head, or in your life that made you want to pull the trigger and finally start podcasting?

I had gone over it for awhile, thinking about the idea of starting a podcast. It’s a platform and a medium that I’ve enjoyed myself. I consume quite a lot of that content myself. And, for a few months before starting the course, I had been doing a lot of research into it. I made the decision I want to start a podcast but I got absorbed in all the research and got a bit overwhelmed. And then your course came up in that perfect synchronicity. It was the right time, right place, right message, and I just thought I’ll go for it.

You said research with a bit of spite in your eyes. Why? Procrastination in disguise?

Yeah, absolutely and that perfectionism which is a little bit of a thing of mine, I suppose. I got easily absorbed into that and waiting for everything to be perfect and get completely lost and caught up in that. And then you, you know, months, years go by and you haven’t done anything, so it was the perfect timing.

And why London Real?

I think it was just the perfect timing.  had been looking for different options of some form of accountability, I suppose, or some guidance. There are so many elements to releasing a podcast, whether that’s the tech side of things, or thinking about your niche, or your message, etc. And I hadn’t found anything that was the right package, I suppose. Your webinar came up on my Facebook, and hit all the right buttons, and going, “Yep I would like to learn about those things”, so I thought I’d join and you answered all of it. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. The strategy side of things, the accountability, the right sort of time frame. And to help to gain clarity on the message, all of it. It was perfect. I didn’t have any question or doubt about it, I was like, yep I’m doing that.

What was the highlight for the course? Was it one of those conversations? Was it a breakthrough? Was it launching your show, what was the big thing for you?

There were so many things, actually. One incredible thing was the group. Just meeting some amazing people within our group, the people have been so incredibly supportive and inspiring. And I didn’t expect to create connections with these people that I think I can now call friends, really. I hope that we stay in touch for a long time. That’s been an amazing byproduct in a sense that I didn’t expect.

Launching my podcast, to get to the point where you see your podcast in iTunes, is an amazing moment. That’s something that you’ve been working towards for a long time. To connect with some cool guests. To learn something new from different people and to have different types of conversations. The conversations I’ve always really wanted to have, and then be able to share that and broadcast it to a wider audience. It’s been an amazing journey.

And how are you different? If we walked out on the street and bumped into the Sarah that didn’t take this course? What’s that woman like?

I think more authentic. So already in this time, more authentic. In essence, it’s exposed more fear for me. I think it’s just shined a light on another layer for me to work on. To realise the next mask of the layer that I need to peel away. And that’s great, that’s great for me. So I think more real, more able and open to connect with someone on a real genuine level, without so much of the false idea of who I am.

So you’re becoming more comfortable just being you each time you broadcast?

Yeah, more comfortable in my own skin. Not confidence in the sense of a false identity of confidence and bravado. But more confident in who I am and grounded in what I’m doing and that I’m on the right path. That feels great. I’ve been filled with more purpose than ever before, which is wonderful.

If someone is thinking about taking this course, but they’re just not sure, what would you tell them?

If you want to broadcast then do it. Because, if you’re sitting in your own space thinking that you’re gonna do it off your own back, it’s not very likely. Because the resistance, as you say, the resistance is real. It’s there, and no matter who you are, all of us experience it. It’s very difficult in isolation to over come it. This course gives you everything you need in terms of strategy and tools to be able to do it. So I’d just go for it. Eight weeks, just go all in, as Robert Reid says. Go all in and just get it done. Just stick to the accountability side of it, connect with people and just go for it. Because, life’s short. And if I hadn’t have done it, then I would have still been here now not broadcasting potentially for another year, so go for it.