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Cultivating Happiness In Children

“Don’t think about it, just pull the trigger because in 6-8 weeks you will transform your life.”

Jaime Castelblanco

Speak to Inspire Graduate

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Tell us about you. Where are you from, what do you do?

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, I’m an electronic engineer and as soon as I finished my degree I decided to come to London, about 15 years ago. I just put all my effort into getting into my professional career and after 11 years I had to give it all up due to personal circumstances. It was a really dark moment for me and I went down into a deep hole. I had to start looking into my internal growth. I was just kind of disconnected from myself, and I started kind of soul searching and¬†started looking into spirituality. I’m an engineer, I’m very kind of square, and I didn’t believe in these kind of things. It took me into meditation and loads of different things I never expected to be doing in my life. So when I saw the change in me I had three year old daughter. and I was just thinking, “Why I don’t apply this to her? Maybe this is good because it’s working for me. Maybe I can do something with her as well.”

Why join us on the Speak to Inspire course?

My vision, my dream is to change the world because if we are able to cultivate happiness in a child since they are very little, that’s gonna have a massive impact. The only way for me to communicate this message is just talking to people. Talking to the parents, talking to the schools, trying to change the school system, because everything is geared towards arithmetics and the three R’s of learning. That’s important, but I think we are completely disconnected from this world, especially now with social media and everything. So yes, I knew that I had to speak, because through the power of my words and through my message I could inspire people to make a change. And I started looking into books, but as you said research is procrastination in disguise and I had never really done anything towards actually taking action, and being able to develop the skills that I needed. I’ve been following you for quite a while, for about three years and I saw your transformation and I was just like, my goodness Brian is sharp. When he talks he knows what he’s talking about. So, he’s the guy to lead me through my path. So as soon as I received the email, I was like this is it, this is what I need.

First two weeks I introduce you to these 75 people around the world you never met. I’m throwing video modules at you. You got the accountability doc, you got me live for two hours a week. I’m asking you to do a lot of assignments. What’s that process like?

I’d been doing loads of entrepreneurial courses, and there is nothing like the system that you have. It’s just unbelievable. As you know I had one of the biggest setbacks in my life…the biggest piece of resistance ever was thrown to me at the beginning of the course. My Grandma, who for me she was also my Mom, I lost her on the first week of the course. And on the very first video call that we did, you said something to us about resistance. And you said,

“Maybe you are going to have loads of resistance in this course, but I want you to stick to it. We will help you with our accountability group, we will pull you through to the end goal.”

So when my Grandma died, it was devastating news for me. But I had a responsibility towards you, and towards my team as well, and I decided, Brian is right, this just resistance. It’s a massive resistance, the biggest fear I ever had since I was a little child, but that’s not gonna stop me because my Grandma would not like me to stop because of that, she would like me to actually take this as an inspiration and take me to the next level. So just stuck to it. I received so much love from the group. It’s just incredible this course Brian, my respect, it’s amazing.

Tell me about the group.

Well it’s very strange because in the space of few days you start feeling that they are not strangers anymore. They just become your family. You start talking to them about things that you don’t even tell your wife, or your girlfriend, or your friends. People just started opening up about loads of struggles that they have in life. It was just incredible, because you hear other people’s stories, and they are deep stories, so you feel comfortable straight away because everyone is being vulnerable. It’s so important in this course the vulnerability that you can actually go to, and you feel the support of the people. It’s just amazing. I think at the beginning of the course you said that accountability that we have here is second to none. I can just abide by that, and I can endorse it because it’s just incredible.

Tell me about you, how have you changed?

Perfection. That was stopping me. Before this course I was just like, I have to have everything perfect before I launch. I’d been delaying my project for quite a while because I’m just like “this is not perfect enough.” But with this course I just realised that it doesn’t matter. If you don’t take action, you can have every single piece of research and everything but, if no one sees it what’s the point of it? So, yeah, that was my biggest take from it. Just pull the trigger, pull the trigger.

To someone who’s thinking about taking Speak to Inspire, or any Academy class, what do you say?

Don’t think about it, just pull the trigger because in 6-8 weeks you transform your life. You can’t do it by yourself. I was thinking about doing public speaking for one and a half years, but I never did anything. I had the biggest piece of resistance thrown at me, and you still managed to pull me through. There is nothing in the market like that, nothing that can do that. So I would just say to people, just, don’t think about it, Brian knows what he is doing. The accountability is incredible, and you will get through it and you will become a better person. For sure.