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Surfer of Life

“Broadcast Yourself is so much more than just creating a podcast, it’s the start of a radical path of powerful self improvement. I highly recommend it!”

Tomi Räisänen

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Tell us about you. Where are you from? What’s your background? What do you do?

I’m a former professional ice hockey goalie from Helsinki, Finland. Since retiring as a player I’ve been a physiotherapist working with all types of musculoskeletal problems. In recent years I’ve also become very interested in mindset and how it is effects us in sports, performance and everyday life.

What made you decide to join Broadcast Yourself and start your own podcast?

Your webinar, and after that I just got so excited because to be honest, it was an accident, I never thought about it. I was just watching your shows. The first one probably a year ago and I was thinking ‘Oh, this is cool’ . And suddenly I’m there sitting home and watching your webinar and something clicked that was like ‘I wanna be in this.’ I went to bed, I couldn’t sleep, In the morning I woke up, told my wife about this course and she’s like ‘Don’t think about the money, just jump in.’ This was one kick more, I jumped in and am so happy.

And why London Real?

Well, why not? I’ve been watching your shows and I like the whole setup, the whole atmosphere, the feeling, and the conversations. It feels really like, Real!

So you pulled the trigger, what were the first two weeks like?

I think after one week I was a bit lazy. But I got a good message from you and I just decided to pull my shit together and started working.

What’s that community like? How would you describe it?

It was just so so warm, right from the beginning. It felt like people are really ready to help each other so it kind of felt like a sort of family and very close. Family is the right word I think. And the same here in London, when I met people in person I was like ‘I know these guys.’. I have only seen them on screen, but it was like ‘Hey! What’s up?’. You are their friends already. So, right from the beginning it felt good.

What were some of the big moments on the course for you?

Getting through the resistance, for sure. I wanted to connect the world so, why do it in Finnish? That was the first thing. I just got over the resistance, was brave enough to put it out there in English. The interviews themselves were also a huge highlight. After the interviews it was like ‘This was so much fun!’.

If we were to bump into the old Tomi in the street, how are you different now compared to him?

I would be way more nervous here. I don’t feel nervous now. I also started speaking English again and I found myself again to be honest.

Lastly, for people out there that are thinking about going on this crazy ride with us but are a little hesitant, what would you tell them?

I honestly recommend this. Its been a great experience. Occasionally it was really tough to be honest. Sometimes I was tired and I almost got a little bit mad about you sending those messages about resistance…but you were right! Maybe it’s because I’m an ex-athlete and I need a coach to push me further, so it was good for me, it helped me out a lot. Your messages are tough man, but they really did help me out. For people out there, I really truly recommend this because this has helped me out and like I said, it was not just about the broadcasting yourself, it’s not just about the podcast, it’s also about finding yourself again and getting rid of those fears and the anxiety that’s holding you back.