Watch > Episode > Paul McKenna - 7 Things That Make Or Break A Relationship: How Communication Can Save Your Love Life

Paul McKenna - 7 Things That Make Or Break A Relationship: How Communication Can Save Your Love Life


The Number One Hypnotherapist In The World

Paul McKenna, is the British hypnotherapist, behavioral scientist, and best-selling author. For the past 30 years, he has helped millions of people successfully lose weight, quit smoking, and gain confidence, including David Beckham, Ellen DeGeneres, and Stephen Fry.

Paul is the UK’s most successful non-fiction author, and has sold over seven million books including “I Can Make You Rich”, “I Can Make You Happy”, and “I Can Make You THIN”, which is the best-selling, self-help book in UK history.

His latest work 7 Things That Make Or Break a Relationship”, uses scientifically proven strategies, to provide practical techniques, designed to transform romantic relationships.


0:00 | Paul McKenna summary quotes
1:43 | Introduction
2:39 | Brian Rose introduces Paul McKenna
4:53 | Brian asks Paul McKenna what the last year has been like for him
6:39 | Paul talks about Los Angeles being a state of mind
8:45 | Paul talks about his Positivity Podcast
16:32 | Paul discusses his live events and the concept of edutainment
20:15 | Brian askes Paul about his new book
23:00 | Paul McKenna talks about the different modes of communication
27:52 | Paul discusses how people argue and conflict resolution
30:56 | Paul discusses how love is the most powerful force out there
33:00 | They discuss the importance of shared values
41:16 | Paul discusses the day his wife told him she loved him
47:00 | Brian Rose discusses Alain de Botton
50:00 | Paul talks about the content of his book
57:00 | Paul talks about his goal to be the best husband in the world
1:00:00 | Paul and Brian discuss Justin Beiber and the Havening technique
1:08:00 | Paul claims that the Havening technique is the cure for PTSD
1:14:35 | Paul discusses the Law of Requisite Variety
1:21:08 | The difference between happiness and pleasure
1:29:00 | Paul and Brian discuss self sabotage
1:38:42 | They discuss how social media is negatively affecting relationships
1:44:00 | Brian talks about Elon Musk’s Neuralink technology
1:49:00 | Brian discusses his parents divorce
1:57:08 | Paul talks about what he misses about living in the U.S.
2:00:00 | Brian sums up.


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