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The coronavirus is such a unique and unprecedented global event because it affects literally every part of our lives. It makes people ill and is fatal for some, puts people out of work, disturbs the economy, and tests people’s mental health and resolve.

As such, you’ll find guests below who have given great information related to getting through this tough time.

Keep reading so that you can learn as much as you can about getting through the coronavirus with your health and wellness intact.

Use Mental Alchemy to Get Through This Coronavirus Situation

You have to keep control of your mind during the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr. Joe Vitale stresses that the coronavirus can also provide lots of opportunity for people to build and get better despite the conditions we’re dealing with. He is an author and motivator who teaches positive thinking and spirituality.

This can be a great time to focus on self-improvement or even get a business off the ground. The economy is going to have to rebuild and improve, so you have a unique opportunity to be apart of that by getting creative.

Engaging in meditation practice is a great way to get control of your mind, and it is also proven to improve your body’s immune system.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is another London Real guest that discusses how wiring your own brain through positive thought, intention and meditation can armour you against the threat of the virus. This is great both for your mental resolve and your physical health.

Build Your Immune System, Physical Health and Resolve

It’s important that you treat your body and brain as systems that can be strengthened to prevent and fight the coronavirus. Not only will this help you from a wellness standpoint, but you can be protecting yourself against whatever health issues come your way.

The Iceman Wim Hof teaches several different breathing techniques you can follow that will not only build your lung capacity but also your immune system. These breathing exercises can help you greatly since COVID-19 is largely a respiratory issue.

Lots of people are starting to do home workouts due to COVID-19. This is important because it will help you to stay healthy and able to prevent illness. It also is a great way to stay mentally sound and physically strong during a time period when most peoples lives are sedentary.

Take In Good Information and Share it With Friends and Family

The coronavirus is serious business, so we all need to treat it as such. One of the best ways to do this is by arming yourself with the right information.

Guests that have appeared on London Real such as those below give you plenty of information to digest to help you out. You owe it to yourself to keep learning so that you can protect you and your family — and pass the information on to others in your circle.


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