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Watch > Episode > Tim Kennedy - Big Tech Censorship Is Jeopardising Our Freedom of Speech & Making Society Weaker

Tim Kennedy - Big Tech Censorship Is Jeopardising Our Freedom of Speech & Making Society Weaker


Retired American Mixed Martial Artist

Today’s guest has been many things throughout his extremely eventful life, but two themes that probably sum him up best are, hard to kill and unapologetically American. I am of course talking about none other than returning London Real guest and all-around good guy, Tim Kennedy.

Tim is a former professional mixed martial artist, active duty Master Sergeant and Green Beret within the US Army and serial entrepreneur, while in his spare time he manages to write books, host TV shows and train like there might not be a tomorrow.

Tim has experienced combat deployments throughout the Middle East as part of the most elite counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit within the US Army Green Berets and has served with 7th and 19th Special Forces groups, being awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

Incredibly, Tim was not satisfied with the ultimate dangers of clandestine operations in war-torn environments and continued a mixed martial arts career, becoming one of the most respected and recognised faces in the sport while fighting in a variety of organisations from Strikeforce and the WEC to the top of the mountain and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Tim’s first fight in the UFC saw him defeat the legendary Roger Gracie via unanimous decision, before earning victories against Michael Bisping and Robbie Lawler, to hold a career MMA record of 18 wins in 24 fights.

“I love fighting and will always have the heart of a fighter.”

Tim’s illustrious career in the cage came to an end in 2017 and since that time Tim has set about the next chapter of his life with gusto, becoming a successful entrepreneur, and putting all that additional energy and fighting spirit into building multiple successful businesses.

He is the founder and CEO of Sheepdog Response, a tactical training and self-defence company where Tim and his team of experts provide the situational awareness, firearms, and hand-to-hand combat training, everyday civilians can use to protect their loved ones.

It is where Tim Kennedy is in his element, teaching and helping others while continuing his never ending fight for freedom, but it also offers some insight to the type of outspoken character Tim has become.

“We don’t get to choose when violence happens. That’s why we need to be prepared in every situation to protect our loved ones.”

Tim believes we are living in an increasingly fragile society where people are unprepared and undertrained, and it is something that will inevitably lead to chaos as desperation takes over. This stems from society’s predilection for comfort underlined by an unrelenting woke hysteria.

Tim is concerned about our right to freedom of speech and the continued censorship of opinions and discussions deemed unacceptable by those who know best, and he believes that big tech’s influence is, and will continue to set, a dangerous precedent that could potentially lead to violence and anarchy.

More recently Tim has turned his ire to the school system and the future of our younger generations, promoting freedom of choice to parents who are best placed to decide the right educational needs for their children.

This is perhaps why Tim decided it was time to create a solution, opening a private school for kids – the Apogee Cedar Park. This has spawned a mentorship programme for young men Apogee Strong, and more recently a space for fathers to challenge themselves and improve their skills as both parents and men in Apogee Strong Dads.

Tim also found the time to pen the bestselling bookScars & Stripes, and feature in a number of television shows and documentaries, all the while continuing a military career and fronting a non-profit that helps rescue allies trapped in hostile environments.

I can’t wait for this episode as there’s so much to talk about. With the world seemingly lurching from one chaotic mess to another, Tim’s experience and forthright opinions are exactly the antidote we need more of right now.

“Never forget how fragile of a society we have. People are not prepared. People are not trained. When people become desperate, chaos and anarchy ensue.”


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  2. How does the war in Ukraine end?
  3. This is what happens when government has all the power
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  6. We have been giving up our freedoms for convenience
  7. Prosperity has led to laziness
  8. Why the hard truth is so important
  9. I’m going to change this about myself
  10. We have to start fighting for our freedom of speech
  11. The lies and big tech censorship
  12. Sovereignty is the most extreme form of freedom
  13. Why the right to bear arms is important
  14. Take your kids out of school now
  15. How do we fix school shootings?
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