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Jeff Cavaliere - ATHLEAN-X: How To Use Science To Train Your Body Harder, Faster & Smarter

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Functional Strength Training Backed By Sciece

Jeff Cavaliere is an elite fitness trainer.

Known by Sylvester Stallone as the smartest guy on the planet when it comes to physique, Jeff is the founder of the Athlean-X training platform and he’s known for his cutting edge approach to functional strength training. 

His YouTube channel Athlean-X is one of the biggest fitness channels in the world, and boasts nearly ten million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views.

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Jeff has been called the “brains behind the brawn” for his science-based training methods, and he really proved it to me. 

How To Avoid The Workout Mistakes Everyone Makes

Regularly contributing to some of the top fitness magazines that train the biggest stars in baseball and WWE, Jeff is just an incredible guy. His depth of knowledge when it comes to our bodies is immense and he’s all about no BS when it comes to training, fitness, lower back pain, and fixing your posture.

He even talks about exercises you should no longer do like leg extensions and upright rows, as they are not meant for the physical body. I loved sitting down with Jeff, he’s been doing this for 20 years, and he’s got some great stories from when he worked with the New York Mets during their championship seasons.

Make sure you check out his YouTube channel, and I know you’re going to enjoy this incredible conversation about your health and fitness.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Dead lifts, playing the piano and functional training
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, UFC injuries, and fad diets
  • Intermittent fasting, active resting, and cheat meals
  • Body fat percentage, Keto, and paleo diets
  • Yoga, crossfit, and Dorian Yates
  • Mr. Olympia, steroids, and Sylvester Stallone
  • Training MMA fighters and treatment for bulging discs


00:00 | Trailer.
02:22 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:32 | Brian’s introduction.
04:12 | Jeff Cavaliere was an early fitness YouTuber.
06:03 | Now there are innumerable social media influencers, many giving unsafe and phony advice.
08:28 | Jeff Cavaliere’s training philosophy and why he is frustrated by people’s need for instant results.
14:30 | Muscles speak a language of tension and Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say he meditated on the muscle.
15:48 | What Jeff Cavaliere thinks is one of his biggest strengths as a fitness coach.
18:26 | Why current focus on total body training bothers him.
20:44 | Why he prefers training people in a standing position.
22:37 | What his clients and people online want to learn most from Jeff Cavaliere.
25:30 | Consistency is one of Jeff Cavaliere’s main mantras, the wrong diet can nullify an hour in the gym,
36:14 | Training cannot create a certain look or lose fat in a particular area.
41:49 | Seven for twenty one might be a good baseball batting average but not for cheap meals.
51:44 | How Jeff Cavaliere recommends people start out on their fitness practice.
54:12 | What he sees in all the different programmes offered to get fit like crossfit and yoga
1 01:12 | How he feels about body builders like Dorian Yates.
1:04:14 | The problems with using steroids etc.
1:08:14 | Why Jeff Cavaliere misses being in the sports team.
1:11:05 | The type of people he works with now.
1:14:09 | What it was like to meet his childhood hero Sylvester Stallone.
1:20:41 | How he creates content for his videos.
1:23:12 | Why Jeff Cavaliere thinks his top five videos like the anterior peolvic tilt video are so popular.
1:26:19 | We have a posture problem epidemic starting from an early age that causes problems for our future.
1:34:06 | The 22 minutes abbs workout.
1:36:35 | The popular lower backpain video.
1:40:00 | The dinosaur exercises which should be in the graveyard.
1:42:35 | Does Jeff Cavaliere marvel at the huge following he has?
1:45:42 | The influence on him of his father.
1:51:30 | Becoming a parent has changed his life.
1:58:03 | What Jeff Cavaliere hopes to be doing in ten years from now.
2:00:00 | What scares him,
2:01:32 | What we would be surprised to learn about Jeff Cavaliere.
2:04:13 | What keeps him awake at night.
2:05:49 | He is optimistic about the world.
2:07:10 | Success secrets.
2:07:44 | Brian’s summing up.


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