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Watch > Episode > George Farmer - The Fight Against Tyranny: How Radical Wokeness Is Stifling Democracy

George Farmer - The Fight Against Tyranny: How Radical Wokeness Is Stifling Democracy


Right Wing Activist

First Broadcast: July 23, 2020

George Farmer is the British political activist, ex hedge fund manager and chairman of Turning Point UK, an organisation which campaigns for free markets, free speech, limited government, and personal responsibility with the motto “question, challenge, fight back”.

The son of a Conservative peer, two years ago George married Candace Owens, proposing after just two weeks having met at the soft launch of Turning Point UK, and is often described as one half of “the new right-wing power couple.”

A staunch critic of the European Union, George believes that “Brexit is all about is restoring choices and sovereignty to the individuals of the United Kingdom versus the European Union, which is so undemocratic that if it were its own country, it wouldn’t be allowed into the European Union.”

He is also an ardent supporter of Donald Trump and believes that the left should not have a monopoly on younger voters, tweeting after Turning Point’s launch that “plenty of snowflakes melting in London tonight.”

As one of the most distinctive voices in UK politics, TPUK aims to counter the dominance of left-wing views on campus by extolling the virtues of free markets over socialism and individual liberty over identity politics.

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  1. Censorship
  2. Digital Monopoly
  3. Lawsuits against social media platforms
  4. A stranger in a strange land
  5. We are more afraid of compromise
  6. What’s happening with the left?
  7. Are Brexit & Trump connected?
  8. US & UK College campuses
  9. Lockdown and the vaccines
  10. Nigel Farage
  11. Right wing power couple
  12. Meeting Donald Trump
  13. Religion


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