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Winston Gordon - Going For Olympic Gold


Two time Olympic Judo competitor Winston Gordon talks about the London 2012 Olympics and fighting on such a global stage, the multitudes of injuries endured by high level Judokas, the feeling of winning the Commonwealth games in 2002, how a strong character keeps him competing at age 35, and why it’s important to teach Judo to young children in his community.


“A judoka is a judo player, a judo fighter.” – Winston (01:06)

“As I’m one of the old guard of the team.” – Winston (04:14)

“If you don’t mind could you show the camera your fingers?” – Nic (05:11)

“Are you the most experience guy on the team?” – Brian (05:41)

“They ask me about my experience being to two Olympics.” – Winston (07:10)

“When it got announced, and London won it, we went wild.” – Winston (09:23)

“I can look back to 2002 when I one the Commonwealth games in Manchester.” – Winston (10:59)

“How focussed are you in winning the Gold metal?” – Nic (11:31)

“In 2004 I was hurt, I was really hurt, I was gutted.” – Winston (13:13)

“It’s all a mind game.” – Nic (15:22)

“Your event is really different because you are actually fighting each other.” – Brian (19:42)

“The character and the person I am I’m not gonna stop until that candle stops burning.” – Winston (24:08)

“What do you do outside of the Judo mat to prepare physically?” – Brian (28:15)

“Have you had tough weight cuts before where you’ve felt weak?” – Brian (31:44)

“Nah, mate.” – Winston (32:01)

“To see the kids growing through that, it’s been amazing.” – Winston (35:27)

“You got to just keep working and you know when the penny drops, that’s you.” – Winston (39:59)

“How many women have you got with the line, ‘Hi I’m an Olympic Athlete and I throw grown-assed men around for a living’?” – Brian (40:11)

“It takes way more sacrifice to be a good combat sports athlete than to be a team athlete.” – Nic (44:01)

“Even if they’re on the juice, I have to come back next time even stronger.” – Winston (47:18)

“As long as it takes I’m looking to break that guy down…I guess that’s why I’m still here.” – Winston (48:08)

“I heard a couple of years ago you were going to be an MMA fighter.” – Nic (48:34)
“All of the viewers out there, watch this space.” – Winston (57:53


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