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Watch > Episode > My Mom - How To Raise 3 Kids As A Single Mother - Exclusive, Unseen Footage From Our Movie Reconnect

My Mom - How To Raise 3 Kids As A Single Mother - Exclusive, Unseen Footage From Our Movie Reconnect


Exclusive, Unseen Footage From Reconnect

Reconnect is London Real’s fifth feature-length documentary film and documents Brian Rose’s journey to Costa Rica where he participates in multiple ceremonies with the plant medicine Ayahausca. The movie stars Graham HancockDr. Jordan PetersonDennis McKennaSadhguruDorian YatesDr. Gabor MateDr. Joe DispenzaMichael Pollan, and Dan Pena.

As the founder and host of London Real, Brian Rose has spoken to over 600 of the greatest minds on the planet for the past eight years including Dan Peña, Dan Bilzerian, Robert KiyosakiJocko Willink and more.

With an aim to spread transformational ideas to the world, London Real reaches millions of people each month with its message and yet, when Brian looked outside his studio, he saw a very different reality: a world full of division, tribalism, hatred, anger, and disconnection from our environment.

Against that background, Brian also felt extremely disconnected from his purpose, his mission, and his family.


00:00 | Trailer.
03:15 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:36 | Brian’s introduction.
05:31 | Amusing and ironic story of how Betty’s maternal grandparents met.
11:05 | The family values of her grandparents that influenced her.
13:46 | A tragedy that changed the family’s view of education and influenced their future lives.
27:56 | Cash is cash is cash.
29:35 | The very first London Real episodes made by Brian Rose.
33:27 | Betty recalls memories of her father’s part in their family life.
36:45 | Her mother’s influence within the family.
40:33 | Life on the cattle ranch.
43:08 | When Brian’s grandfather had a stroke in his 50s.
45:17 | Betty’s early life, university choices and what she found attractive in Brian’s father.
53:56 | Betty recalls the tragic memory of the assassination of President John F Kennedy.
57:18 | Becoming a family with the birth of Eric and Brian,
1:09:56 | Moving to San Diego.
1:14:51 | Educating three children and the early choice Eric and Brian made.
1:20:59 | As a single mum trying to cope with Brian’s temperament, Betty gives him an ultimatum.
1:26:34 | Parent’s divorce effect on Brian and his siblings.
1:34:04 | How the divorce affected Betty.
1:39:20 | Betty runs away.
1:41:27 | Betty returns with a new perspective.
1:47:37 | The positives to take from the divorce.
1:54:46 | Betty’s views on maintaining a healthy diet.
2:00:00 | Betty loves Brian’s journey with London Real.
2:01:36 | Her perspective on Brian’s use of Ayahuasca.
2:04:32 | Marianna.and Gabby.
2:06:01 | Brian says, “thanks Mom”.
2:07:04 | The message Betty wishes she had received aged 30 and so could have passed on to her kids.


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