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Jocko Willink - The Horrors of War


Movie Bonus: Lessons From War

In this exclusive bonus content from London Real’s documentary featuring legendary former Navy SEAL commander, Jocko Willink, the esteemed author talks about the horrors of war, how to cope with the challenges and future strategies for managing the impact of extreme stress.

Jocko Willink’s military journey began with his enrollment in the United States Naval Academy, where he graduated with a degree in Leadership. Commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy, Willink quickly distinguished himself as a dedicated and capable leader. His SEAL career saw him in various roles, culminating in his appointment as the commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the Battle of Ramadi in Iraq.

The Battle of Ramadi marked a turning point in Willink’s understanding of leadership. Facing intense urban warfare and a challenging insurgency, he and his team implemented a leadership strategy focussed on decentralised command, empowering junior officers to make critical decisions in the field. The success of this approach not only led to improved operational outcomes but also laid the groundwork for Willink’s future teachings on leadership.

Jocko Willink, along with his co-author Leif Babin, codified their leadership philosophy in the book “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win.” Published in 2015, the book outlines principles that emphasise taking full responsibility for one’s actions, decisions, and the outcomes of those decisions. Willink and Babin draw on their experiences in the military to illustrate how these principles can be applied to various aspects of life and business.

Another core tenet of Jocko Willink’s philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase “Discipline Equals Freedom.” This mantra, which has become a hallmark of his brand, underscores the idea that through disciplined habits, routines, and accountability, individuals can achieve freedom in various aspects of their lives. Willink advocates for the power of self-discipline as a means to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and ultimately attain a sense of freedom and autonomy.

After retiring from the Navy SEALs, Jocko Willink co-founded Echelon Front, a leadership consulting firm where he and his team apply their military-derived principles to help organisations cultivate effective leadership and teamwork. Willink’s motivational speaking engagements, often punctuated with personal anecdotes and experiences from his military career, have resonated with audiences seeking inspiration and guidance in their professional and personal lives.

In addition to “Extreme Ownership,” Jocko Willink has authored several other books, including “Discipline Equals Freedom,” “The Dichotomy of Leadership,” and “Mikey and the Dragons.” These books delve deeper into his philosophy, offering practical insights and lessons on leadership, discipline, and personal development.

Willink’s podcast, “The Jocko Podcast,” has also gained widespread popularity. In each episode, he explores a range of topics, from military history and strategy to leadership principles and personal anecdotes. The podcast serves as a platform for Willink to share his wisdom and engage with a diverse audience seeking guidance on self-improvement and leadership.

Jocko Willink’s journey from a Navy SEAL commander to a globally recognised leadership guru is a testament to his unwavering commitment to discipline, accountability, and resilience. Through his writings, podcasts, and consulting work, Willink continues to inspire individuals and organisations to embrace a mindset of extreme ownership, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve success. His impact on the realms of leadership development and personal empowerment underscores the enduring relevance of military principles in civilian life and the transformative power of disciplined, responsible leadership.


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