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Professor Max Tegmark - Stop AI Development Now! The Dangers Of Chat GPT-4


Physicist, Cosmologist & Machine Learning Researcher

Currently, there is one debate raging in the tech world that is dwarfing all others, and it revolves around the innovation and developmental explosion we’re witnessing in Artificial Intelligence. It is causing a divide not too far removed from the doomsday scenario painted by Professor Hugo de Garis just last week, right here on London Real.

The conversation centers around an open letter published by the Future of Life Institute, recommending a 6-month pause in AI experiments like GPT-4, as the tech race heats up and competition seemingly creates exponential growth that could, in the not-too-distant future, reach a level beyond human control.

While the solution is not to completely halt AI, slowing it down is crucial to ensure the technology is safe and controllable. Recently, the “Godfather of AI,” Geoffrey Hinton, quit his job at Google because he came to realize that we are creating digital intelligences that far surpass our own, and we don’t really know how to do that without risking the end of civilization!

I believe that all of us need to be very aware of what is happening in the world of AI, and it is our duty to get informed and become part of the conversation. After all, this is about the future of all human life on Earth. That’s why I’m delighted to welcome today’s guest, who not only helped write the aforementioned letter but is also the President of the Future of Life Institute.

Professor Max Tegmark is a renowned physicist and cosmologist known for his pioneering work in the fields of cosmology and artificial intelligence. After completing his doctorate, Max served as a Hubble Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and as a member of the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2002, he joined the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as an associate professor of physics, later being promoted to full professor in 2007. He continues to work there to this day and has published more than two hundred technical papers. His interests lie at the intersection of physics and cosmology, with a focus on understanding the origins and properties of the universe.

Professor Tegmark has made significant contributions to cosmology, including precision measurements from cosmic microwave background and galaxy clustering data, tests of inflation and gravitation theories, and the development of a new technology for low-frequency radio interferometry.

He has received numerous awards, including a Packard Fellowship, the 2019 Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science’s Gold Medal, and being made a Fellow of the American Physical Society. As an author, he wrote the New York Times bestseller Life 3.0: Being Human In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence,” which explores how the rise of AI has the potential to transform our future more than any other technology in history.

In the realms of AI, human intelligence, and what the future holds, Professor Tegmark is a fiercely intelligent, incredibly optimistic, and outward-looking believer who puts democracy front and center in his quest to broaden our horizons.

He believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize virtually every aspect of human society, from transportation and manufacturing to healthcare and education. But at what cost to humanity will the prospect of superintelligent machines far superior to us bring?

Professor Tegmark believes that now, in fact, yesterday – maybe even last year, was the time to have this conversation because we are currently witnessing a growth in AI development that is many years ahead of expectations. He warns that if left unchecked, this development, particularly in the wrong hands, could pose significant risks to humanity.

I have had the privilege of speaking to many great minds in the field of AI, from Ben Goertzel, Mo Gawdat, and Professor Hugo de Garis, conversations that blew my mind. I encourage you all to watch them if you haven’t done so already. However, this sit-down with Professor Tegmark could be one of the most important yet, as we all strive to gain a better understanding of the enormous social, political, and ethical ramifications surrounding Artificial Intelligence.

This is going to be a conversation you really don’t want to miss. I am constantly amazed at how little many people know about what is happening in this field, let alone the consequences it could have for humanity. I implore you all to get involved, watch this show, and explore all of our other conversations. Share them with your friends and family because we are running out of time to make some critical decisions.

Professor Tegmark is an expert in every sense of the word, and he is an incredibly charismatic, smart, and often funny individual who delivers an extremely important message. It’s a message that will undoubtedly impact your world in the not-too-distant future.

“The one thing we’ve definitely learned from AI safety research so far is that it’s hard – really hard – and it might take decades to actually solve this, which means we should start now. Not the night before some folks on too much Red Bull switch it on.”

Join us as we delve into the complex world of AI and its implications for humanity with Professor Max Tegmark. It’s a conversation that will leave you informed, inspired, and ready to be an active participant in shaping the future of AI.


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