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Watch > Episode > Dr Hugo de Garis - The Truth About AI: Artificial Intelligence Will Become Dangerous Godlike Machines

Dr Hugo de Garis - The Truth About AI: Artificial Intelligence Will Become Dangerous Godlike Machines


Expert In Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence has impacted every industry, putting millions of jobs worldwide at risk of automation. As AI continues to advance, more human workers will be replaced by machines. Followers of London Real know that I have encouraged making shrewd investments in this technological leap.

While immense opportunities await, we must consider the profound impact this technology will have on society and, most importantly, on you – the people. I have spent a great deal of time contemplating how artificial intelligence will change the world.

This is one reason I’ve been eager to speak with leading experts to gain a clearer picture of the dilemma we currently face. The world is at a crossroads, and recent news suggests it’s heating up. George Hinton, deemed the “godfather of AI,” recently resigned from Google due to growing concerns about the risks posed by this technology.

Today’s guest takes it a step further, arguing that the coming years will be dominated by the issue of “species dominance.” The question is, will the dominant species be humans or machines? Many of you may not like the answer.

Professor Hugo de Garis is an expert in robotics and artificial intelligence, a distinguished author, and now-retired researcher, best known for his work on developing artificial brains and advocating for the creation of “artilects (artificial intellects) – machines capable of intellectual achievements rivaling or surpassing humans.

Hugo has published over 100 academic papers on various topics related to the emergence of AI and robotics and their potential implications for society.

Throughout his career, he has held positions at some of the largest technology companies worldwide and has offered his expertise as a consultant for the United Nations and the US Navy.

Hugo has been deeply involved in the advancement of AI, particularly during the groundbreaking period at the turn of the century. His work focused on evolvable hardware and artificial brains, creating computer programs that simulate human cognitive processes.

Working in this field naturally stirs controversy, and Hugo has long argued that these machines or Artilects, or “god-like massively intelligent machines,” could one day become Earth’s dominant species, and we must prepare for this possibility.

Hugo wrote an insightful book, “The Artilect War: Cosmists vs. Terrans: A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines.” In it, he explored the potential consequences of a future conflict between humans and artificial intelligence, resulting in billions of deaths before the 21st century ends.

Should humans remain dominant, or should we relinquish this dominance to our godlike, massively intelligent machines? Hugo emphasizes that the stakes couldn’t be higher. Humanity’s survival is on the line as a major war later this century seems inevitable.

Hugo believes that humanity will divide into two groups: the Cosmists – who favor building artilect gods – and the Terrans – who fear that artilects may eradicate humanity simply because they can.

“As the IQ gap between human and machine intelligence levels closes, a bitter controversy between the Cosmists and the Terrans will explode, leading to the Artilect War.”

The crucial political question is: should humanity build artilects? Perhaps it’s already too late. As more researchers and experts call for a “pause” to address the wide-ranging issues we will soon face, it’s time for everyone to pay closer attention.

These are significant conversations that will directly impact us all. This is a critical time for our species, as you will discover in this episode. I genuinely cannot wait for this interview, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it. The insights and knowledge experts like Professor de Garis bring to the table are truly mind-blowing and, at times, daunting.

However, I have always believed that through these conversations and sharing information as widely as possible, we can find solutions and create change. We all need to focus on the bigger picture and ask the big questions; otherwise, we’ll wake up one day and realize it’s too late.

“If an Artilect War comes, it is likely that if you are not already old, you may be killed in it.”


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  1. Will the machines eradicate us?
  2. I’ve been predicting this for over a decade
  3. Our faith in human beings will depend on machines
  4. Will we accept being the #2 species?
  5. Are we building our Terminators?
  6. Are we the creation of alien artificial intelligence?
  7. Would you cyborg your child?
  8. China will dominate the West in A.I. development
  9. We want to build Gods
  10. This is about the survival of the species
  11. The development of A.I. is inevitable
  12. Why would the machines keep us alive?
  13. Will we tolerate being second class citizens?
  14. I don’t see a way out
  15. You have no idea what is about to happen


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