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Steve Maxwell - Breathe


Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Maxwell was named one of the top 100 trainers in the United States by Men’s Journal. Steve becomes only the second guest to return to London Real for the 3rd time (Graham Hancock being the other)! This time he has some fascinating things to say about breathing (you’re probably doing it wrong). Steve claims we have literally forgotten how to move and suggests we study toddlers in order to “practice being a good human”. He also has some very strong opinions on how it takes reaching a certain age to understand what kind of physical work is really useful and sustainable. Ido Portal fans beware! We go into the evolution of MMA and UFC, Steve’s inspiring daily affirmations, and why he sets “intentions” instead of goals. And yes he is still living out of his backpack. In fact it has got even smaller!


00:00 | Trailer
02:13 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:11 | Brian’s Introduction
07:09 | Steve’s nomadic lifestyle
10:02 | Travelling light
11:37 | The accumulation mind-set
14:45 | What Steve has learned from his travels over the past year
17:18 | Why Steve stopped owning guns
18:51 | Steve loves Australia and its people
20:29 | Breath work, where he learned various techniques
27:03 | How he tests and teaches students
29:09 | Why Steve tapes his mouth
31:10 | Swedish dry brush technique
32:44 | Different breathing patterns
37:26 | The Benefits of breathing technique in training
40:58 | Health and fitness industry and diets are based on fear, fear of dying
46:54 | How Steve views his own death
47:45 | Many people hate their lives, but can’t find a way to change that
48:59 | Calmness from breath techniques allows you to get in touch with your higher mind
50:19 | How Steve deals with negative thoughts
52:00 | Steve Maxwell’s positive affirmations
55:24 Movement techniques
57:30 | Is Brian convinced of the argument
1:08:35 | Memory of Hélio Gracie
1:11:10 | Perspective on the UFC1:17:56 Steve’s view of Conor McGregor
1:20:14 | Present state of MMA1:22:30 Failure is just a concept
1:26:28 | Where Steve will be travelling to in the coming year
1:29:17 | What is happening in the USA at the moment
1:34:48 | Why Steve visits an astrological predictor
1:42:58 | Success Secrets1:43:40 Steve’s intention for some time in the future
1:46:16 | Intentions not goals
1:53:15 | Phone call to the 20 year old Steve Maxwell
1:55:03 | Best advice ever received
1:56:45 | Advice to the 20 year old who has dreams
1:57:40 | Brian’s summing up.


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