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Simon Woodroffe - YO! Founder Talks Entrepreneurship & How To Follow Your Fear To Find Your Destiny


Founder of Yo! Sushi

Simon Woodroffe OBE is an entrepreneur and founder of Yo! Sushi. He also appeared as one of the original Dragons on Dragons Den.

Simon spent 30 years in the entertainment business staging concerts for huge artists, including Stevie Wonder and George Michael.

In 1997, he founded Yo! Sushi which became a huge success serving over 6 million customers and opening 100 restaurants across the globe.

In 1999, he was awarded a young entrepreneur of the year before taking on the opportunity of being one of the original Dragons in Dragons Den.

In 2008, the 52-year-old expanded his business portfolio by launching the YOTEL brand of airport and hotels. After success with the YO brand, Woodroffe created YOTOPIA – a luxury resort in the Bahamas.

Simon still works closely with the YO portfolio, and he joins us today from his houseboat in Chelsea to talk about how we get London back to work at full capacity while discussing the factors that affect people’s mental health through stress, fear and anger.


00:59 | Trailer.
01:28 | COVID-19 pandemic presents opportunities for entrepreneurs.
04:03 | How education could be changed to produce more entrepreneurial thinking.
08:47 | Getting back up from a knockdown in business.
15:31 | The future for retail and hospitality.
19:26 | London must be allowed to change to be reinvigorated.
22:37 | Simon Woodroffe’s views on Government and the media and his hope of today’s successful young entrepreneur’s future philanthropy.
25:59 | Follow your fear.
28:59 | The secret of this whole world.
30:38 | Why we need fact checking, and Simon Woodroffe’s vision for a future world and universe.
34:59 | Ways to destress as an entrepreneur and words of advice.
36:51 | Is the future YO! Topia for Simon Woodroffe?
40:02 | Poetic words of advice for entrepreneurs and people in business.
41:35 | Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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