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Ross Edgley - The Great British Swim


World-Record Adventurer

Ross Edgley is an adventurer, athlete, and author, best known for his mind-blowing achievement of swimming around Great Britain in the groundbreaking Great British Swim. As the first person to accomplish this feat, Edgley has inspired countless people with his incredible display of physical and mental endurance. In this exclusive 2-hour video interview, Ross Edgley shares the story behind the Great British Swim, the challenges he faced during the 1,780-mile journey, and the mindset required to push the limits of human potential.

Born on October 13, 1985, in Grantham, England, Ross Edgley grew up with a passion for sports and adventure. Throughout his life, Edgley has taken on numerous extreme athletic challenges, from running a marathon while pulling a car to climbing a rope the height of Mount Everest. However, it was the Great British Swim, completed in 2018, that catapulted Edgley to international fame and solidified his reputation as a true pioneer in the world of endurance sports.

The Great British Swim saw Ross Edgley embark on a remarkable 1,780-mile journey, swimming around the entire coast of Great Britain in a continuous, clockwise route. Beginning on June 1, 2018, and ending on November 4, 2018, Edgley swam for 157 days, battling harsh weather conditions, powerful currents, and the physical and mental toll of spending months in the open ocean.

In this exclusive video interview, Ross Edgley delves into the behind-the-scenes story of the Great British Swim, sharing insights into the planning, preparation, and execution of this incredible feat. He discusses the physical challenges he faced, from jellyfish stings to saltwater exposure, and the mental fortitude required to persevere in the face of adversity. Edgley also shares his thoughts on the importance of a strong support team and the power of positive thinking in achieving seemingly impossible goals.

Whether you’re an aspiring adventurer, a sports enthusiast, or simply inspired by stories of determination and resilience, this exclusive interview with Ross Edgley offers a captivating glimpse into the mind of a world-record athlete. Learn about the physical and mental challenges of the Great British Swim, the mindset required to push through barriers, and the lessons Edgley has learned on his journey to redefine the limits of human potential.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Ross Edgley’s experiences and insights. Watch this enthralling interview and be inspired by his journey, his unwavering determination, and the incredible achievement of the Great British Swim.


00:00 | Trailer
02:50 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:06 | Brian’s introduction
06:27 | Hard work is sometimes the answer
08:00 | The question is so often irrelevant
10:27 | Success secrets
11:15 | Ross’ philosophy on how to get to the finish
16:25 | When a jellyfish is stuck on his face for half an hour
21:01 | What does “going feral” involve for Ross
22:29 | Captain Webb’s connection to Ross’ decision to do this challenge
27:40 | How he came to do extraordinary challenges, which others can do too
31:14 | How a “failure” led to a “success”
39:01 | Doing challenges for the right reasons
45:00 | When you experience complete exhaustion, you find the best version of yourself
50:02 | What the dark moments in Scotland were like
57:50 | Could Ross have gone on for another 60 days
58:56 | His plans for the next few weeks
1:01:52 | Social media support meant a lot to Ross
1:06:07 | When a smile just isn’t enough
1:07:23 | Feeling the power of human connectivity
1:10:08 | How Brian felt after Ironman race
1:11:06 | What he learned scientifically and physiologically from the swim
1:19:28 | Make your body an instrument, not an ornament and tell your story by your body
1:23:56 | Ross’ next challenge will be for all the right reasons
1:30:28 | Besides recovery what Ross will be doing over the next few weeks
1:31:56 | Brian’s summing up.


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