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Ross Edgley - The Great British Swim


Ross Edgley, the athlete, adventurer, and author, with a decade-long career in sport, fitness and nutrition. He has just spent the last 157 days to become the first swimmer, to circumnavigate the whole of Great Britain, 1,791 miles, nearly 3000 kilometers, without touching land. Swimming for up to 12 hours a day, and consuming up to 15,000 calories per day. Previously he set world records climbing the height of Mount Everest up a rope continuously over 24 hours (I was there), and running a marathon pulling a 1. 4-tonne car.


00:00 | Trailer
02:50 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:06 Brian’s introduction
06:27 Hard work is sometimes the answer
The question is so often irrelevant
10:27 Success secrets
11:15 Ross’ philosophy on how to get to the finish
16:25 When a jellyfish is stuck on his face for half an hour
21:01 What does “going feral” involve for Ross
22:29 Captain Webb’s connection to Ross’ decision to do this challenge
27:40 How he came to do extraordinary challenges, which others can do too
31:14 How a “failure” led to a “success”
39:01 Doing challenges for the right reasons
When you experience complete exhaustion, you find the best version of yourself
50:02 What the dark moments in Scotland were like
57:50 Could Ross have gone on for another 60 days
58:56 His plans for the next few weeks

1:01:52 Social media support meant a lot to Ross
1:06:07 When a smile just isn’t enough
1:07:23 Feeling the power of human connectivity
1:10:08 How Brian felt after Ironman race
1:11:06 What he learned scientifically and physiologically from the swim
1:19:28 Make your body an instrument, not an ornament and tell your story by your body
1:23:56 Ross’ next challenge will be for all the right reasons
1:30:28 Besides recovery what Ross will be doing over the next few weeks
1:31:56 Brian’s summing up.


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