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Ross Edgley

Ross Edgley is a wild man. An athlete, adventurer, and author who loves crazy stunts, Ross is humble, enthusiastic and a joy to be around. His decade-long career in sport, fitness, and nutrition has taken him through some crazy feats of strength. Ross is famous for swimming around the entirety of Great Britain and has recently published a book called “The World’s Fittest Book”.


  • Born – October 13, 1985, Grantham, United Kingdom
  • Height: 1.75 m
  • Best Known for: The Great British Swim
  • Book:
    • The World’s Fittest Book

The Art of Resilience

From running a marathon whilst pulling a 1.4-ton car, swimming 100km between two Caribbean islands while towing a tree, and climbing the height of Everest on a rope, Ross Edgley pushes the limits of endurance and strength.
The Great British Swim
In 2018 Ross spent 5 months at sea, becoming the first person to swim around the island of Great Britain.

Battling stinging jellyfish, whirlpools, storms, rhino neck, and sea ulcers, Ross Edgley, through tremendous determination, grit and strength, somehow managed to complete what became known as The Great British Swim. Swimming 12 hours a day, it took him 157 days to swim the 1,791 miles (nearly 3,000 kilometers), without touching land the entire time.

The World’s Fittest Book

Ross’ book, “The World’s Fittest Book” chronicles some of the insane training experiences he’s had with some of the world’s best athletes and is packed with science-backed advice on how to train for anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere.

In short, Ross is an absolute beast! He’s also a great friend of mine and a true inspiration.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What his superpower is and the darkest moment of his life
  • His experience swimming 100km in the open Caribbean sea
  • The San Bushmen in Namibia and how ayahuasca cured his fear of spiders
  • What it was like to swim for 48 hours straight how he was able to eat 15,000 calories a day
  • Climbing Everest on a rope
  • His treeathlon and The World’s Fittest Book
  • The legendary Captain Webb and the ‘British Eccentric’
  • Why Ross has to go ‘feral’ while swimming
  • What it was like swimming through the world’s biggest whirlpool
  • Jellyfish stings, rhino neck and the effect of salt water on his tongue
  • His transition to being back on land and learning to walk again
  • Eugen Sandow, Wim Hof and his thoughts on the fitness industry
  • Tim Shieff, Jonny Wilkinson, Dorian Yates and manipulating your body
  • The difference between an elite athlete and a marine’s mental state during training

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