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Ross Edgley - Athlete Adventurer


Extreme Sports Athelte & Multiple World Record Holder

British Strongman, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, & World Record Breaker

34-year-old Ross Edgley has written a best-selling book, started his own company, and swam the circumference of Great Britain.

From climbing a rope the height of Mount Everest to pulling a 1,400 kg car the length of a marathon, Edgley has made a name for himself in the world of extreme sports. He started his fitness career as a swimmer and water polo athlete. After earning his degree in sports science, he decided to see how far he could push his body’s limits.

Edgley doesn’t just break world records, he also helps others reach their training and nutrition goals. He started his own nutrition company called The Protein Works. He also writes for magazines like GQ and Men’s Health and has visited over 100 countries.

Labelled one of the world’s fittest men, Edgley continues to push what science deems possible. His charisma and advice in my interview with him should motivate your own fitness journey!

Extreme Sports for a Cause

“I’ll be here 56 hours if that’s what it takes.”

This was Edgley’s response when told how much time he had to complete his car-pulling marathon. In the end, he finished in under 20 hours.

His unwavering motivation has seen him complete feat after feat. Despite sports doctors warning him of the dangers of completing the Great British Swim, he finished in 157 days.  Some of his other accomplishments include finishing a triathlon while carrying a 45 kg tree and losing 24-lbs in 24 hours.

Facing sharks, jellyfish, and saltwater burns during his record-breaking swim, Edgley had to find the willpower and peace within himself. This also meant consuming 15,000 calories a day and losing parts of his tongue.

So why does Edgley put himself through so much? As he pushes himself beyond human limits, Edgley also donates to charities. He’s given to organizations like Children With Cancer and Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Philosophy of Fitness

Ross Edgley has broken the thresholds of human endurance, yet when I sit down to speak with him, he exudes humility.

Edgley is a philosopher first and athlete second. He quotes Socrates and Ralph Waldo Emerson, and his dream is not only to break records but to redefine the boundaries of fitness.

For Edgley, it’s about pursuing his own journey. He tells me about two kinds of strength, that of the muscles and that of the mind. Successful athletes must have both.

It’s not just about losing weight or gaining muscle mass. Edgley has set out to be the best version of himself. This means leaving behind steroids and burnout for long-term success.

His books, The World’s Fittest Book, and The Art of Resilience discuss Edgley’s fitness philosophy in more detail. He also has an app, Primal 9, and runs popular social media accounts that document his training regime.

Join Us As We Discuss:

  • Aesthetic versus functional fitness, muscular versus mental strength
  • Shark wrestling, free diving, and the Great British Swim
  • Strongman contests and extreme sports
  • Good and bad chocolate and the myth of cheat days
  • MMA, Conor McGregor, and Nate Diaz
  • Steroids, bodybuilding, and Maria Sharapova
  • Ayahausca and smelling salts
  • Training, diet, and fitness philosophy

00:00 Trailer.
09:06 Becoming a great self-promoter.
10:53 Getting the messages out that fat loss is very different to weight loss and about weight cutting.
17:25 Selfie culture – Aesthetics such as looking good and functional aesthetics.
22:40 Running a marathon pulling a car.
32:43 Don’t wait for the media to cover your activities, do it yourself.
34:16 Climbing a rope for the height of Everest.
38:00 What drives Ross Edgley to finish a race?
40:12 What is Ross’ future strength and stamina ultimate challenge?
42:15 Shark Wrestling.
46:00 Fitness philosophy – how does Ross explain who he is?
52:04 Thoughts on Conor McGregor v Nate Diaz fight.
1:02:01 Do people know what they are doing in the gym?
1:07:40 Steroids use.
1:18:41 Six pack abs are made in the kitchen.
1:19:38 Ross’ view on the questions raised by the Maria Sharapova issue.
1:23:15 Public awakening to being sold the body physique dream.
1:25:14 Surprisingly what Ross likes to do in his spare time.
1:26:18 Ross’ training regime.
1:27:45 Smelling salts? Really?
1:29:26 Squats and bench lifts.
1:32:34 Success Secrets.
1:33:33 Power of stunts to stand out in the crowd.
1:34:20 Advice to the 20 year old Ross.
1:36:51 Ayahuasca experience.
1:45:04 Advice to wannabe fitness trainers.


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