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Roger Gracie - Jiu Jitsu Master


Strikeforce MMA Fighter & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Roger Gracie stops by to talk about the history of the Gracie family in Brazil, how his 3yr old son can perform an armlock, training with UFC fighter Lyoto Machida, and his secret weapon: the power of belief..


“Can you give us a brief history of the Gracie family and its Jiu-Jitsu?” – Brian (00:55)

“The technique became so strong that suddenly the Gracies are the best fighters in the world.” – Roger (02:04)

“My son before he’s 3yrs old is passing the guard & doing an armlock.” – Roger (02:45)

“If he chooses Jiu-Jitsu that’s something we can do together as a family.” – Roger (04:44)

“When you are a kid you want to be everything, an astronaut or a surfer.” – Roger (07:22)

“What’s your cousin Renzo Gracie like?” – Brian (10:31)

“Do you enjoy MMA? Yes and No.” – Nic & Roger (11:31)

“Especially training with Lyoto Machida, he’s a really good guy.” – Roger (15:31)

“You had your first loss with ‘King Mo’ Lawal, how did you deal with that?” – Brian (18:10)

“Everyone wants to see you fight Jacare, do you think that’s every going to happen?” – Nic (24:30)

“He’s a cocky South African who thinks he going to beat everyone up.” – Roger (28:20)

“In Jiu-Jitsu you have no striking, so it’s a safe way to spar.” – Roger (34:23)

“What do you think it is that makes you better than the average top level Jiu-Jitsu guy?” – Nic (36:47)
“Everything in life from martial arts to business. Why so many people do something and very few achieve the best? Because they are the ones who really believe.” – Roger (40:25


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