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Sadhguru - The Power Of Inner Engineering


Sadhguru an Indian yogi, mystic, visionary, and philanthropist.

He’s been a keynote speaker at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, and have been named as one of India’s 50 most influential people.

His book “Inner Engineering”, a New York Times best seller, details his transformational system for achieving inner fulfilment.

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His Isha Foundation, with more than 9 million volunteers worldwide, is dedicated to addressing all aspects of human wellbeing


00:00 Trailer.
02:33 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:40 Brian’s introduction.
04:13 Growing up in India Sadhguru’s impression of England came from those who saw the world as he does.
06:35 Sadhguru warns as belief in heaven collapses, we are mistakenly using chemicals as a safety net.
13:47 Sadhguru believes if we all have the same plan, within 15 years we can turn around global warming.
15:31 The solution is policy changes at governmental level globally.
18:00 If you presume that everything comes from your experience then you are going to be very small.
19:50 Sadhguru’s questions idea of democracy when people hold allegiance to one party from birth.
24:00 Why he spends so much of his time working in India.
25:28 Sadhguru’s opines that Health & Safety is stifling his young follower’s ability to think and grow.
29:34 What yoga is and means.
31:53 The importance of the physical aspect of yoga.
33:03 How, as a young child, yoga helped him to wake up.
35:00 Happiness and all human experiences comes from within.
36:42 You have to invest time in your wellbeing, there is no quick fix mantra to use.
39;33 When your intelligence system works against you.
43:39 What Sadhguru means when he says he is thinking.
45:13 What he means by the word responsible.
49:08 Sadhguru advises Brian to give up the psychedelics and instead put the work in on himself within.
51:46 The meaning of the four-letter word at the beginning of Inner Engineering.
53:55 Why there is a long history of Gurus in India,
59:40 Success secrets.
1:00:08 Realise you are on unlimited time, your life is ticking away, so manage your physical energy.  
1:05:44 One should not talk of raising children, that means screwing them up.
1:07:10 Sadhguru talks about the large events he holds.
1:10:48 Sadhguru’s daily practice.
1:12:23 The daily difference he is making to human beings.
1:13:07 What is Sadhguru’s super-power.
1:16:25 What scares Sadhguru.
1:18:35 Sadhguru’s next book may answer the question what happens to your spirit when you die?
1:22:09 Sadhguru’s thoughts on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
1:24:32 What keeps him awake at night.
1:26:26 Advice to the 20 years old Sadhguru.
1:28:03 The best advice he ever received,
1:30:37 Offer to the listening 20 year olds and those younger.
1:31:29 Brian’s summing up.


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