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Pete Irving - The Warrior Poet


British MMA Fighter and Writer for Fighters Only magazine Pete Irving talks exclusively about sparring with Anderson Silva in Brazil, how the physical pain of fighting is nothing compared to the emotional pain, why he does not need to feel animosity towards his opponent, and how fighting is really a microcosm of life.


“Under these headphones I have cauliflower ears and my nose has migrated from one side of my face to another.” – Pete (01:47)

“I’ve rarely been hurt seriously in actual bouts, it’s almost always been throughout the process of preparation.” – Pete (02:34)

“My great ancestor was William de Irwin who was the bodyguard of Robert the Bruce.” – Pete (02:55)

“When I shake your hand you have one of the most gentle handshakes.” – Brian (04:46)

“I think eye contact is much more powerful.” – Nic (05:33)

“Guys like Wanderlei Silva were really famous for their intense stare downs, he would win a lot of fights on pure intimidation.” – Pete (08:33)

“There was a guy who looked away from me and I thought I got this guy and then he kicked my ass.” – Pete (09:06)

“Could you tell us how you got into fighting? Was it one day you decided this is where I want to go in my life?” – Brian (13:08)

“I don’t feel any particular animosity towards the people that I fight. And I don’t think that makes me fight any worse.” – Pete (20:18)

“The physical pain is really nothing, it’s the emotional pain.” – Pete (21:02)

“When you’re grappling with someone in MMA you can smell that guy, you can read his kid’s names on his tattoos.” – Pete (22:03)

“They just radiated goodness, this sense of calmness and well-being.” – Nic (23:17)

“It allows you to toy with what it means to be very alive and what it means to come close to death.” – Pete (26:39)

“One of the great things about fighting is that it’s a little microcosm of everything else that goes on in life.” – Pete (34:11)

“Anderson Silva was really an inspirational character. He really has that command presence.” – Pete (41:05)
“He did a bit of capoeira footwork spun around and put his elbow just underneath my jaw and just winked at me.” – Pete (42:00


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