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Patrick Vickers - Goldman Trader to Fight Maker


Former Goldman Sachs trader Patrick Vickers joins us to discuss why he left investment banking after 10yrs, how he hates the term “cage fighting”, the challenges of owning MMA gyms in the UK, USA, Ireland and Australia, how managing risk as a trader is very similar to playing poker, and why he believes that both fighting and life are all about the journey.


“The last fight I had I was 15 seconds in and I was exhausted.” – Patrick (06:43)

“If you look too haggard and too thin you don’t look good” – Patrick (14:00)

“I’m not kidding you I’ve knocked out 6 or 7 hundred guys with that shot” – Brian (18:38)

“Rugby players are proper warriors.” – Nic (07:15)

“For me, when I think of Goldman Sachs I think of a bunch of Geniuses…” – Brian (31:20)

“If you’re tired how do you make correct decisions?” – Patrick (42:22)


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