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Occupy Wall Street


Brian & Nic Occupy Wall Street at St. Paul’s Cathedral to find out from ground zero what’s really going on from the protester’s points of view.

They discuss the pros and cons of capitalism, the difference between banking and bankers, how corporations by definition behave different than individuals, that creativity and business aren’t mutually exclusive, how they refrain from consuming mainstream media, the highly flawed institution of marriage and perspectives from their own parents, Nic’s weekly quote from the Bible, his thoughts on the USA, Who Moved Their Cheese, and the value of physical labour.”Capitalism is a juggernaut that has got so much momentum behind it.” – Nic (02:28)”The political elite has to go after someone or the population will go after them.” – Brian (05:50)”The news made it look like the whole city was on fire.” – Brian (32:20)”One of the goals is to be able to look at the world with that clean slate…” – Nic (36:28)”There were no models with abs 40 years ago – they didn’t exist.” – Brian (35:05)

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