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Nimai Delgado - The Natural Vegan Bodybuilder


Nimai Delgado is a vegan Bodybuilder and Influencer. He started competing in 2015, winning his first natural bodybuilding contest, and is the first ever Vegan IFBB pro bodybuilder in history. He has been featured on the cover of MUSCLE AND FITNESS magazine, and he appeared in the new documentary film Game Changers, Executive Produced by James Cameron, about high performing vegan athletes.


00:00 | Trailer
02:43 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:54 Brian’s introduction
05:23 London’s vegan scene
07:18 Why does bodybuilding hold such fascination for people
14:34 How Nimai trains and what motivates him to do it
16:47 Evolution in bodybuilding
18:42 As Dorian Yates says, it’s all about the hard work
22:11 You have to compete with yourself
23:44 Motivation through love or fear
26:17 Why Nimai and others advocate veganism in bodybuilding and other elite endurance sports
42:51 Nimai’s bodybuilding goal
44:55 Muscle and Fitness magazine cover was a dream come true
47:08 You don’t need steroids to build muscle mass
56:19 What Nimai eats to get protein and carbohydrates
1:01:18 The challenges of preparing for a bodybuilding contest
1:03:38 What Nimai thinks of gluten
1:04:55 Sleep is critical
1:06:21 Nimai’s inspiration for becoming an engineer and what happened when he achieved his goal
1:10:51 How he found his raison d’√™tre
1:17:45 What life has been like since he escaped the golden handcuffs
1:22:37 Shocking story of his parents and his background
1:36:44 The younger generation will take up the cause of living sustainably and resource management1:40:35 How Nimai came to take part in the film The Game Changers
1:43:45 Nimai cannot see any argument for hunting animals
1:47:59 Nimai’s daily routine
1:52:01 Receiving negative comment on your phone
1:55:23 The worst and best days of his life
2:02:31 What scares him
2:03:28 What keeps him awake at night
2:07:20 Phone call to the 20 years old Nimai
2:08:04 Success secrets
2:08:51 Best advice he ever received
2:11:38 Advice to the young person listening;2:12:53 Brian’s summing up.


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