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Nic Gabriel - Meet the Dudes


Hosts Brian Rose & Nic Gabriel get up-close and personal to talk about the creation of London Real, how Nic recently won the Gold Medal at the British Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships, how Brian rebuilt his life after leaving New York City post 9/11, and what motivates and inspires them as they continue their journeys.


“We’re rocking 250,000 downloads.” – Brian (01:37)

“I remember setting this table up and thinking, ‘Alright, time to build London Real Studios.'” – Brian (01:51)

“Little did I know I unleashed this beast on the world.” – Nic (02:12)

“When I did it I wanted to do it right.” – Brian (02:32)

“We have uncomfortable moments in the studio and we have some gems, that’s what London Real is all about.” – Brian (04:41)

“The more I do it the happier I’m becoming as a human being.” – Nic (05:57)

“I’m at the point where I know so much more about my body than I did at 20.” – Nic (10:22)

“I must say you know how to push me and push me to the edge.” – Brian (11:27)

“You seem to be the dude who has everything.” – Nic (11:51)

“Nothing’s ever been good enough that I’ve achieved, and that’s a curse and a blessing.” – Brian (12:13)

“I used to be that guy, constant relentless pursuit of perfection and growth.” – Nic (13:46)

“How many of your desires would you still have if you were the only person on earth?” – Nic (16:44)

“I think the hallmark of our show is to getting people to look at their own behaviours.” – Brian (21:28)

“I’m not bitter about anything, seriously, if somebody did me wrong, it’s just business.” – Brian (28:01)

“2001 was a banner year for BRose.” – Brian (29:02)

“If you go out with a girl for four years it takes you four years to get over her.” – Brian (30:01)

“Yeah but I’m in the shape of a 23yr old.” – Brian (39:50)

“The only person I have to impress is myself.” – Nic (45:37)

“There’s a bullpen where the fighters get ready before they go in.” – Nic (47:17)

“It gave me a greater access to my skills when I was fighting. – Nic (48:35)

“If this dude beats me, he beats me.” – Nic (48:43)

“Life isn’t a competition, it’s an experience, it’s a journey.” – Nic (49:03)

“Everyone takes themselves seriously in a competitive martial arts framework…I don’t!” -Brian & Nic (49:34)

“That’s just a thought, forget the thought bro and just be in the moment.” – Nic (50:11)


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