Dan Peña

Dan Peña is by far one of the most eccentric American businessmen I have ever met, and I’ve seen my fair share over the years. Join me as I sit down with Dan Peña, the former American Military Officer, Wall Street Banker, Oil Tycoon, and High-Performance Business Coach.

Dan Peña - The Trillion Dollar Man - How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Dan Peña is an American born entrepreneur, mentor and creator of QLA, the Quantum Leap Advantage methodology.


Dan Peña - GENERATION SNOWFLAKE - How To Man Up And Make Billions In The Trump Era Gold Rush

Dan Peña is an American born businessman, entrepreneur, mentor and creator of QLA, the Quantum Leap Advantage methodology responsible...

Dan Peña - Live Q&A | The 50 Billion Dollar Man Movie Premiere

I know from experience that the $50 Billion Dollar Man pulls no punches. But even I was shocked by...

Dan Peña - Trophy Room

Dan Peña, also known as the $50 Billion Dollar Man, is a former CEO, mentor, business coach, and founder of Quantum Leap Advantage

Dan Peña - Hall of Fame

I've had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Pena multiple times throughout the years. Pena is also better known as the 50 Billion Dollar Man.

Dan Peña - Extended Interview

Dan Pena is better known as the $50 Billion Man or the Trillion Dollar Man. As you can guess from these titles, Pena is an...

Dan Peña - Guthrie Castle Tour

Located in Angus, Scotland —just 10 km east of Forfar and 29 km north-west of Dundee — the Guthrie Castle sits on 156 acres of historic...

Dan Peña - The $50 Billion Man

Dan Pena, aka The Trillion Dollar Man, is a high performance executive business success coach and founder of QLA...

Dan Peña - The $50 Billion Man - Full Movie

Dan Peña - Just F*cking Do It

Dan Peña is back. Most of you will know the love-hate relationship I have with my hard-ass, ball-breaking mentor....

Dan Peña - The 50 Billion Dollar Man

. . .

Dan Peña - The 50 Billion Dollar Man

Dan Peña - Your First 100 Million

Join Brian Rose as he sits down with Dan Peña, the former American Military Officer, Wall Street Banker, Oil...


  • Born – August 10, 1945, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  • Height – 1.85m
  • Spouse – Sally Hall
  • Best Known for:
    • Great Western Resources
    • The Guthrie Group
    • The Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) Seminar
    • a.k.a. The 50 Billion Dollar Man
  • Book:
    • Your First 100 Million

A Quantum Leap Advantage in Business & Life

Dan Peña is one of the most talked about guests we’ve had on the show, – he’s controversial and holds no punches in telling people to “just fucking do it* in business and life. Dwelling in the 550-year-old Guthrie Castle in Scotland, Dan was originally known for turning $820 into $450 million in the oil business in the 1980s with Great Western Resources. Since then he has taken a break from the business world to focus on mentoring elite executives through his Quantum Leap Advantage Seminar and boasts a net worth creation of $50 billion.

But one thing that cannot be denied is his charisma: a tantalizing combination of Sigmund Freud, General George S. Patton, and the former Chairman of General Electric Jack Welsh.

Dan gets straight to the point with his hard-hitting talk. No minced words and no cry babies allowed. And if you think what you see is opinionated, try having a chat with him off-camera! He definitely gave me a piece of his mind.

Just F*cking Do It

For anyone looking to improve their lives, Dan gives some hard-hitting advice. He’s of the “just f*cking do it” school and believes that most of us are living with our emergency brakes on. He wants us to release this brake and just go for our dreams. From affirmations to living like you are already successful, Dan’s advice is extremely useful but may be hard to hear at times.

I guarantee you will either love or hate Dan Peña, but regardless of what you think Dan has accomplished insane things in his life, and there is some life-changing advice he gives that will help you.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The Guthrie Group, his castle and his net worth
  • Quantum Leap Advantage, ayahuasca, and his wife
  • Rolls Royce, butlers, kilts and Donald Trump
  • Smelling the leather, and how he made his money
  • Being the 50 Billion Dollar Man and becoming the Trillion Dollar Man
  • North Sea drilling, living in London, and his childhood
  • Andrew Carnegie, his legacy, and raising his kids
  • Global warming and climate change
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson, his Mexican heritage, and daily affirmations
  • Joe Rogan, his time in the military, and Jim W. Newman

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