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Mimi Ikonn - How to Design & Manifest Your Dream Life


From Luxy Hair to Multi-Millionaire

Mimi Ikonn is an entrepreneur, author and influencer. Born in Azerbaijan, she emigrated to Canada when she was 16 and later co-founded Luxy Hair with her husband Alex Ikonn and sister Leyla. The company has enjoyed incredible growth and now has more than 250,000 customers in over 165 countries. The Luxy YouTube channel has over three million subscribers, making it the largest hair channel in the world, and has turned Mimi and Alex into well-known lifestyle influencers. Her book “Bingo Theory: A Revolutionary Guide to Love, Life, and Relationships” teaches us how to balance our masculine and feminine energies for success in life.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:25 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:19 | Brian’s introduction.
04:11 | Life changing experience of becoming a parent.
09:08 | “No” is not in her vocabulary.
12:41 | Stepping back from broadcasting but frustrated as she has so much to offer.
17:30 | Mimi is idealistic and does everything to achieve her ideal..
21:37 | Growing up listening and learning, resolving that life would be different for her.
29:08 | Traumatic times growing up in Azerbaijan.
36:59 | Moving to Canada.
41:25 | If you have a dream it’s not just going to happen, you have to work for it..
45:34 | How Mimi and husband Alex had the vision to take advantage of YouTube and grow their business.
58:29 | We used to have heroes, now all we have is victims.
1:00:52 | The power of practicing gratitude.
1:08:43 | The period of her life when she stopped the morning portion of her journal.
1:13:33 | Mimi suffers depression and seeks to cure herself.
1:22:50 | Finding me time when you are a working mother.
1:26:29 | How the business improved by stopping travelling for the sake of it and settling in London.
1:30:25 | Concentrating on and growing their Intelligent Change business.
1:32:54 | How the Ikonn Podcast came about.
1:35:00 | Mimi explains the theory behind her book The Bingo Theory.
1:47:45 | How can people say they are bored when they can do so much to impact on the world for good.
1:52:55 | What she takes into consideration as an influencer on her YouTube followers.
1:59:50 | Mimi’s daily routine.
2:02:23 | Best and worst days of her life.
2:08:38 | What we would be surprised to learn about Mimi Ikonn.
2:13:34 | What scares her.
2:15:35 | What keeps her awake at night.
2:17:40 | Where she might be in 5 years.
2:20:46 | Phone call to the 20 years old Mimi.
2:23:45 | Best advice ever received.
2:25:00 | Success secrets
2:27:01 | Brian’s summing up.


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