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Alex Ikonn - Intelligent Change: How to Adopt The Mindset For Success

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00:00 | Trailer
02:08 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:40 | Brian’s introduction
04:19 | Looking back over the past five years
05:38 | Life changing move that opened a door to a successful life
19:44 | The times when, as a young tearaway, he realised that only he could change his life
31:31 | The tapes that changed his life
36:23 | How he met his future wife Mimi and they decided to become entrepreneurs
44:39 | Both unemployed and being grateful
49:32 | Design your life to what you want it to be
55:16 | How “Don’t be like the fat man in a BMW” led to Luxy Hair business
1:00:42 | Keep the business simple, be aware of the cost of outgoings
1:04:58 | The core principles that grew the business
1:08:53 | Their soft sell philosophy
1:15:24 | What it is like to build a business with your wife
1:18:58 | Why Alex is a fan of YouTube and sees the value of it
1:24:17 | Sometimes you have to get off the crack: they sell their Luxy Hair business
1:27:21 | Alex cautions on the realty of the exciting prospect of entrepreneurship, or a 4-hour work life
1:32:15 | Important principle when building a team and handling company culture
1:35:04 | Why Alex admires and works with Seth Godin
1:38:48 | The other people he takes inspiration from
1:39:42 | Change their mindset needed to meet where the world and society will go in next 10 years
1:49:25 | His and Mimi’s vision for their and their daughter’s future
1:55:40 | Alex speaks honestly about fatherhood
1:58:25 | His daily practice
2:04:32 | His superpower
2:08:12 | The best and worst days of his life
2:15:32 | What scares him2:18:28 What we would be surprised to learn about Alex
2:21:19 | Success secrets
2:21:44 | Best advice he ever received
2:23:06 | Advice to the 20 years old listening
2:24:40 | Why Alex and Mimi have started a podcast
2:28:49 | Brian’s summing up.


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