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Alex Ikonn - Intelligent Change: How to Adopt The Mindset For Success


Ideas, Insight & Motivation

We’ve all had times when we felt stuck in a rut. Nothing our life was moving and we weren’t sure how to build up momentum and take steps toward the life we wanted. It can be a long road trying to find a way out of a rut, and many times we never succeed.

If you can identify, you’d benefit from the insights of Alex Ikonn. This mastermind is all about hacking your mindset and your productivity for a more fulfilling life.

Who Is Alex Ikonn?

Alex’s success started when he built a simple hair accessory company with his wife Mimi. The couple’s business sold hair extensions, accessories, and products to people around the world. As the company grew, so did Alex’s expertise in helping others replicate his success.

While the Ikonns eventually sold the company, it was only the beginning of their journey. Alex Ikonn has since become an expert in using your mindset to live your best life.

Along with that knowledge, Alex’s business Intelligent Change has produced books like The Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner to help others take charge of their lives and make a change. Alex also shares his valuable insights on his popular YouTube channel as well as his podcast.

Alex Ikonn’s Insights for Success

What exactly is the knowledge Alex has to share? There are several principles and ideas he lives by, but they all come down to your mindset.

Taking Personal Responsibility

In Alex’s younger days, he happened upon an epiphany: you are in control. Each one of us is the top factor in determining where our lives go and how much we accomplish. This is the cornerstone of making intelligent change.

Understanding that personal responsibility and accountability is a powerful gateway, no matter what we want to accomplish in life. As Alex explains, it’s also the largest roadblock for people in starting their own businesses: struggling to hold themselves accountable.

Success Starts With Your Mindset

According to Alex, your life comes down to your mindset. The first step in accomplishing any goal is building and maintaining your determination to get it done.

In addition to strength of will, Alex emphasizes a mindset of gratitude and positivity. You can feel fulfilled in any circumstance by practising mindful gratitude.

Finding Your Own Meaning

Meaningfulness is another top concept in Alex’s philosophy. He emphasizes that success isn’t about having the most or being the most, but about feeling fulfilled in what you have. The cornerstone of that is finding meaning in your daily life.

Namely, Alex offers insight into two must-haves: meaningful work and meaningful relationships. No matter what you do, you need to find a way that it’s making the world a better place and focus on that big picture.

Delivering Value

While this is connected to the idea of meaningfulness in your life, it deserves a mention all its own. Alex Ikonn advises building meaning in your life by finding ways to deliver value as much as possible.

In other words, in every interaction or connection, ask yourself how you can bring value to the experience. It might be offering words of advice or encouragement, connecting two people who bring value to each other or simply bringing a smile to someone’s face.

Heeding the Advice of Alex Ikonn

Alex Ikonn has achieved the dreams many of us share: a happy family, a thriving income, and an empowering life. Check out Alex Ikonn’s interview with us to dig deeper, or explore our other interviews on London Real.


00:00 | Trailer
02:08 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:40 | Brian’s introduction
04:19 | Looking back over the past five years
05:38 | Life changing move that opened a door to a successful life
19:44 | The times when, as a young tearaway, he realised that only he could change his life
31:31 | The tapes that changed his life
36:23 | How he met his future wife Mimi and they decided to become entrepreneurs
44:39 | Both unemployed and being grateful
49:32 | Design your life to what you want it to be
55:16 | How “Don’t be like the fat man in a BMW” led to Luxy Hair business
1:00:42 | Keep the business simple, be aware of the cost of outgoings
1:04:58 | The core principles that grew the business
1:08:53 | Their soft sell philosophy
1:15:24 | What it is like to build a business with your wife
1:18:58 | Why Alex is a fan of YouTube and sees the value of it
1:24:17 | Sometimes you have to get off the crack: they sell their Luxy Hair business
1:27:21 | Alex cautions on the realty of the exciting prospect of entrepreneurship, or a 4-hour work life
1:32:15 | Important principle when building a team and handling company culture
1:35:04 | Why Alex admires and works with Seth Godin
1:38:48 | The other people he takes inspiration from
1:39:42 | Change their mindset needed to meet where the world and society will go in next 10 years
1:49:25 | His and Mimi’s vision for their and their daughter’s future
1:55:40 | Alex speaks honestly about fatherhood
1:58:25 | His daily practice
2:04:32 | His superpower
2:08:12 | The best and worst days of his life
2:15:32 | What scares him2:18:28 What we would be surprised to learn about Alex
2:21:19 | Success secrets
2:21:44 | Best advice he ever received
2:23:06 | Advice to the 20 years old listening
2:24:40 | Why Alex and Mimi have started a podcast
2:28:49 | Brian’s summing up.


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